Details Flowers Software 2021 Year In Review: New Features & Improvements

by Details Flowers ● 7 January ● News & Events

It is time for our "Year in Review" already? Time flies by so quickly! We're starting to rebound from last year's setbacks as an industry, and we're thriving like never before. The event season is back, and we can't wait to see florists bring their visions to reality. Details Flowers Software had a tremendous year in 2021! We can honestly say that this year was one for the books, from unveiling brand new partnerships to releasing highly awaited features.

Watch the short video below for a full recap of all our new partners, our travels, and the features that came to the Details Flowers Software platform in 2021! Or, keep scrolling to get a recap of all our 2021 highlights.


Newest Partners


In 2021, we added new partners that are staples in the floral industry. Their influence not only contributes to the advancement of industry expertise, but their desire to break through barriers and redefine the community is inspiring. Let's give a warm welcome to our newest partners below! Click on each partners logo to learn more about our partnership with them,

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Not only were we fortunate enough to collaborate with such wonderful companies this year, but we also got the opportunity to work with some incredible designers and industry leaders. Our Monthly Masterclass series aims to bring awareness to important changes in the community and inspire our florists to be more creative and business savvy!

The following is a list of our 2021 Masterclass Guests and Details Super Users who assisted in the spread of floral knowledge from this year. If you're interested in seeing the Masterclass recap of any of the guests below, click on their image!

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2021 Conventions/ Travel


We were so excited to start traveling again to see all of our floral friends and learn more about our evolving industry! Below is a quick recap of all the events we attended in 2021.

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New Features

Last but not least, here's a recap of all the features we released on the Details Flowers Software platform last year!


Contract Personalization Tokens:

  • Contract Tokens are essentially placeholder bits of text that are used to map data into your contract terms. They can be used to automatically insert the varying event dates, client names, locations, or payment amounts into the contract terms for each respective event, without you having to manually type the variable information in each time. Learn more about this new feature in our Support Center article.



Re-Ordering Collections

  • Re-ordering your 'Item Gallery' collections are super easy and can give you the perfect visual for clients during your consultations. In the upper right-hand corner of each collection is an icon that looks like four arrows pointing in opposite directions. Check out our how-to guide in our Support Center to learn how to start re-arranging your Collections!



Global Color Collection - Item Gallery

  • We released a Collection with colorful sub-categories for all of our users to use!



Custom Recipe Categories

  • We wanted to ensure our users were able to correctly categorize each 'Recipe' and also be able to narrow down their search by custom category. Create your own custom recipe categories by following these steps!


Updated Recipe Search

  • The search and filters tool will allow you to quickly find recipes based on their name, category, style, colors, or months of availability. 


Recipe Color Tiles

  • Easily open recipes up and see the color palette of the design that's being built!



Custom Vanity URLs

  • Users can now choose/create their own proposal link that matches their company's URL! Any users who would like to choose their own subdomain, please fill out this form and our Support Team will get in contact with you!



New Color Selector

  • Our Color Selector tool is new & improved! It plays a vital role with the new Form Builder, which features client-choice color pickers (even on mobile devices!) 



Holly Chapple Templates (Hope, Faith, Believe)

  • Our newest line of exclusive Proposal Templates are now available in the Details Marketplace! Stand out from the crowd with Hope, Faith, and Believe. Learn more about these exclusive templates here.



Proposal Settings

  • Over 1,000 new fonts added!! Save desired proposal settings, create setting defaults, and create templates in one easy location on the 'Proposal' page of events. Read our full Support Article on everything you can do with these new settings.



Form Builder

  • This robust tool builds out intake forms, feedback surveys, and more! The forms can create events, be hosted at custom URLs, and they're mobile-friendly so clients can fill them out directly from their mobile devices!



Holly Chapple Templates (Rise, Honor, Joy)

  • We were lucky enough to be able to release three more Holly Chapple exclusive Proposal Templates in December! WOW your potential clients and close the deal with Rise, Honor, & Joy,


We are unbelievably grateful for all of the love and support from our Dedicated Detailers. Here's to 2022, where even more exciting opportunities await!


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