Welcoming Details Newest Partner: Smithers-Oasis

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Smithers-Oasis is our newest partner, and we are so excited to tell you all about it! Everything from floral foam to wire will now be featured within Details. All of your flower needs will now be located in the Smithers-Oasis Collection--how great is that!? This company definitely doesn't need an introduction, but if you're unfamiliar with Smithers-Oasis, this is where you should start!


About Smithers-Oasis


"Since our start in 1954, when V. L. Smithers revolutionized the floral industry with the creation of water-absorbing foam for florists, Smithers-Oasis has grown into a leading global manufacturer and marketer of floral foam, floral accessory products, cellular growing media, postharvest products, temperature-controlled packaging, and specialized foams."

By supplying you with the greatest goods and technologies, Smithers-Oasis strives to advance floral design and the longevity of cut flowers and plants utilizing research and development in a way that no other corporation can due to their global reach. To deliver you the best design and flower care resources, they take into account all of the demands of the floral chain.

Smithers-Oasis can deliver products and services to the local market, reflecting regional tastes and customs, thanks to their WORLDWIDE network of facilities. The operating units all have the same goal: to provide florists and floral designers with solution-based goods, education, creative methodologies, and inspiration.


Florists and growers throughout the world can rely on OASIS® branded items to produce their designs and build their businesses thanks to their distribution partners, who include wholesalers and distributors. FloraLife® Post-Harvest Products provide the industry with a full range of care and handling options. This took more than 70 years of research and development to perfect!

The cut flower's longevity is the number one priority for us florists-- especially for those jam-packed event weekends! Fresh cut flowers are fed and hydrated without having to recut stems before arranging in a vase or floral foam with the FloraLife® Express Flower Food, a product that utilizes new proprietary technology. This premium flower food is made with components that keep floral bouquets and arrangements looking fresh while also increasing their quality.


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As sustainability in floral design gains more traction and awareness, Smithers-Oasis has been developing new sustainable solutions for their products:

"As a global leader in the floriculture, horticulture, temperature control packaging, and specialty foam markets, we believe it is our responsibility to Do Good. Every Day. Our commitment starts with integrity, the foundation of our Core Values. Our dedication to integrity is apparent throughout our business, from our manufacturing processes and business partnerships to our corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability efforts.

Since 2013, when we made a commitment to our Three Pillars of Sustainability, we have invested in the efficiency of our operations, training for employees, and research and development to continue to enhance the sustainability profile of our products. Our goal is to apply sustainable practices across our business while making a positive and lasting impact on our employees, customers, and communities. As a global company, we believe in sharing our sustainability journey."

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“Smithers-Oasis is committed to contributing to the sustainability of the land we live on and the people and communities we serve throughout the world as we consider the influence of our designs on the environment. OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife (U.S) has been third-party certified to degrade by 75% in one year in anaerobic environments.  We provide these products and services to you in order to assist you in running your business on a daily basis.”


Oasis Sustainable Product Options


Helpful Resources:

2-Nov-16-2021-05-23-38-58-PMHow We Bloom Podcast: “How We Bloom is an oasis of flower Ideas. Design. Sales. Marketing. Business. Every great success story starts with one simple idea. A challenge that requires change. Like the unfurling petals of a flower, we grow by changing form. This growth opens us up to new ideas and opportunities. On How We Bloom we interview guests who dare to do things differently. People who plant seeds grow ideas and bloom to their full potential. Our guests share their ideas in steps as easy as 1-2-3. We listen. Learn. Grow. And, that’s How We Bloom!”


Oasis University
: Smithers-Oasis offers OASIS University, which includes training for floral professionals. These courses are designed to deliver the most up-to-date floral information from both knowledgeable staff and the team of Design Directors or Industry Educators.


All Details users can now add the Smithers-Oasis product line to their events! Visit the websites listed below to discover more about their family brands.

  • Floralife® - Floralife supports the postharvest care, distribution, and handling needs of the floral industry. Learn more at http://www.floralife.com/en.
  • OASIS® Floral Products - Professionals and hobbyists alike can further their floral design skills with the help of OASIS® Floral Products. Learn more at https://www.oasisfloralproducts.com/.

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