Details University

Dot Your I's and Cross Your T's Before Take Off

You just bought a fabulous new outfit and you just can't wait to put it on! You hurry into your bedroom, empty out the shopping bag, and tear off the tag and...riiiiiip. 

How to Maximize Your Earnings with Details Flowers

Cost of flowers + hard goods x labor = hopefully you calculated it all correctly so you will maximize your earnings! If we know the floral community, we can safely say you did not get into creating beautiful designs to do hours of math. So, why are you still?  While these methods have proved to be efficient in the past, that no longer rings true. Welcome to the age of Details Flowers Software. 

Details Flowers Software will save you time, and give you the power to put that calculator away! Not only will your flower contracts look beautiful, but your client will be signing off on a price that will reflect the earnings that you deserve. Continue reading to see what areas will get you the most money back into your pocket. 

The Oh-So-Easy E-Signature 

The flower proposal system of Details Flowers Software is one of the most refined and beautiful components of the florist app itself. It allows you to effortlessly create gorgeous proposals that you can send right to your client. The best part? It also gives you the option to not only have your client E-Sign the proposal, but you as well! 


But, oh no! You signed in your client's spot! Never fear, you can always re-send the proposal and her signature can override yours. However, to make sure each John Hancock graces the right line, follow these steps: 

Welcome To Details University

Announcing the launch of Details University! Class is now in session here at the Details Flowers office.  

Details University is here to help guide you through the process of learning how to use Details Flowers Software. We understand that learning something new while meeting with clients and planning events is no easy task. That's why we have created four classes to help you out. 

Each class was designed to focus on related areas of the Software. For example, our Orientation class is geared toward setting up your company information and setting your defaults, which are features that will help you earn more! In other words, definitely something you don't want to miss out on! Keep reading to discover what each class has to offer! 

Customer Payments Made Simple with Details Flowers

Woohoo! It's payday and you are feeling fine. But, where does that payment actually get recorded? Paige at Oak and Willow Floral Design had that exact question. When she is not creating natural, garden-style floral arrangements for weddings and special events, she is loving how Details Flowers Software helps run her back office and makes payments simple. Her question was: 

"I am wondering how can I see how much my client paid on her account? My client said that she paid and it gave her a confirmation on her end. I did not get an email stating it was done or how much was paid to her balance."

First, thanks for asking, Paige! Read more to learn how simple it is to find payment information.