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Details University: Payment Schedules & Invoicing

A few weeks ago in the Details University blog series we talked about payment processing fees, how to apply them, and some general best practices. This week we're going to pick up in the same general area and go over payment schedule and invoicing best practices. Exciting stuff!

Details University: Processing Fees & When to Use Them

Processing credit card payments costs money, and it's important that those costs are properly passed along to the people incurring the charges - your clients. In Details, there are a couple ways to cover the expense of payment processing, so let's go over the tools we have and when to use them!

Details University: Staying Organized

As florists and event designers, organization is key to keeping your business running smoothly. With multiple events on a weekend - or heck even in a day! What do you do to stay organized? We’ve all been there, working on a huge project then suddenly a new client wants a quote, current clients are calling to make changes to their events, or you really just need to find the Details on that event you have coming up tomorrow!

Details University: Hard Goods v. Miscellaneous

Details Flowers has recently adopted a new item category for our clients to utilize that was specifically created to solve needs that several of our clients have. In the past, things like wire and foam didn't have a home. There were workarounds, but no perfect solution. Until now!

Own Your Flower Power

As a floral designer you wear many hats. Embrace the #ProfitableFlorist within you with these insider tools created specifically for floral event designers. We all possess hidden potential and it's your inner passion that led you to become a floral designer. It's with the right skill-set that your floral business will bloom. Own your potential by being profitable, organized and priced-right with Details Flowers Software - your personal flower super power.

Top 5 Proposal Must-Have’s to Wow Every Bride

How do you wow every bride?  Well, you spend a good amount of time getting to know their unique styles and personalities, and then you give that back to them in an impressive presentation to win their business- every time.  We think that these top 5 tips will help to woo those clients, and keep them knocking on your door.  Here they are:

Introducing Zapier

We have some very exciting news!

Color Math & the Details Color Picker

GoetheFarbkreisIn 1665, a scientist passed white light through a prism, watched it fan out into a rainbow, and in it he identified seven colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. A few years later he published the first color wheel and, with that, Isaac Newton gave birth to our modern understanding of light and color. The very first color wheel - Image via Wikipedia

Dot Your I's and Cross Your T's Before Take Off

You just bought a fabulous new outfit and you just can't wait to put it on! You hurry into your bedroom, empty out the shopping bag, and tear off the tag and...riiiiiip. 

How to Maximize Your Earnings with Details Flowers

Cost of flowers + hard goods x labor = hopefully you calculated it all correctly so you will maximize your earnings! If we know the floral community, we can safely say you did not get into creating beautiful designs to do hours of math. So, why are you still?  While these methods have proved to be efficient in the past, that no longer rings true. Welcome to the age of Details Flowers Software. 

Details Flowers Software will save you time, and give you the power to put that calculator away! Not only will your flower contracts look beautiful, but your client will be signing off on a price that will reflect the earnings that you deserve. Continue reading to see what areas will get you the most money back into your pocket. 

The Oh-So-Easy E-Signature 

The flower proposal system of Details Flowers Software is one of the most refined and beautiful components of the florist app itself. It allows you to effortlessly create gorgeous proposals that you can send right to your client. The best part? It also gives you the option to not only have your client E-Sign the proposal, but you as well! 


But, oh no! You signed in your client's spot! Never fear, you can always re-send the proposal and her signature can override yours. However, to make sure each John Hancock graces the right line, follow these steps: 

Welcome To Details University

Announcing the launch of Details University! Class is now in session here at the Details Flowers office.  

Details University is here to help guide you through the process of learning how to use Details Flowers Software. We understand that learning something new while meeting with clients and planning events is no easy task. That's why we have created four classes to help you out. 

Each class was designed to focus on related areas of the Software. For example, our Orientation class is geared toward setting up your company information and setting your defaults, which are features that will help you earn more! In other words, definitely something you don't want to miss out on! Keep reading to discover what each class has to offer! 

Customer Payments Made Simple with Details Flowers

Woohoo! It's payday and you are feeling fine. But, where does that payment actually get recorded? Paige at Oak and Willow Floral Design had that exact question. When she is not creating natural, garden-style floral arrangements for weddings and special events, she is loving how Details Flowers Software helps run her back office and makes payments simple. Her question was: 

"I am wondering how can I see how much my client paid on her account? My client said that she paid and it gave her a confirmation on her end. I did not get an email stating it was done or how much was paid to her balance."

First, thanks for asking, Paige! Read more to learn how simple it is to find payment information. 
Color Story: Visuals Are Key To Captivating Clients


Owning a flower design studio has it's unique set of challenges. Knowing how to price arrangements, hiring staff, and writing contracts are a few of the key business components necessary. Investing in business systems to help make your job easier are also key.  But there are some unique processes that can't be bought.  It requires an artistic mind: choosing Colors & Flowers. Yes, picking the right color combinations and floral combinations will quickly set aside those with a desire for floral design, and those that will be successful at selling their design concepts. Developing a color story and demonstrating beautiful colors that work harmoniously together is a talent in itself and will quickly seperate the designers from the wanna-be-designer's.  

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 2.38.15 PM.png 

Florists: Are you ready to book more events?

It's here!  The New Template Editor!  And by golly, it's amazing!  With a few clicks and image uploads, your professional presentation is more beautiful, more refined and more amazing.  We love to hear the feedback from your clients when they see your elevated new look!  And guess what?!-- this is just the first one.  Our team is planning to give you more individuality and options.  Not every client is the same, and they require special touches.  We will be designing and creating more proposals for you to choose from!  If you have any suggestions or ideas, please set up a consult with our design team!

Labor Defaults and Questions about presets
As we continue to develop our flower software to help our florists with their proposals, we are often asked questions about the software that are great for ALL users!  We will be compiling these frequently asked quesitons in a series of blog posts to help our users better understand some of the basic features behind the functuality of Details Flowers.  If you have a question, we'd love to hear it!  We would love to get those answers for you and help more users with the same or similar questions! 
This first question comes from Australian floral designer Amy Park from Fox and Rabbit.  Thank you Amy!