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florist websites:  the good, the bad & the "not so pretty"

If you're starting a business or looking to expand your business, a wonderful way to get exposure is to be on social media and have an appealing website. Now you might be asking yourself what is an appealing website, and why does it matter? Well for one thing if your website doesn't catch the consumers eye-- or the brides eye-- then they automatically become uninterested.  Quickly.  One of a brides toughest decision is choosing vendors and this decision is based, first and foremost, on their first impression!  Florists with a beautifully designed and informative website can make the brides decisions when choosing vendors a bit easier.  A “good” website is crucial to receiving more prospects and leads. 

Make sure your flower website has great images

Flowers by: Studio Fiore, San Diego

What is considered a good florist website? 

When considering your floral website, you have to think about the aesthetic and what most people would find a "pretty website" and "informative website". If you choose to make your website with twenty different fonts, varying neon colors, and a dark background, you are not going to attract the right type of clients.  If your ideal client gets the wrong vibe from their first impression, it can be assumed that you are not going to be hired or even considered.

So what makes a good florist website that attracts your ideal client?  Here are a few tips that we found from our research of literally thousands of florist websites, including those that fit in the good, bad, and the "not so pretty" category.

  1. Easy to navigate.  If a website is easy to navigate and the prospective client can find all the information he/she needs, then you will get more traffic and more business
  2. Sense of Style.  A good florist website is appealing to the eye.  It would have less font styles/sizes that work well together.
  3. Bio of the Florist Owner and Team:  Key points to include are why you started your business, name of the owner, why you love to do what you do, and what the client will accomplish with hiring you. Telling your future client a few personal details will appeal to them and will make them feel connected to you before they even meet you.  
  4. Portfolio Section:  Photography and pictures of your work is a must.  Professional, well-lit photos of your best performances will showcase your talent and visually tell them what to expect of your designs
  5. Good Communication and Calls to Action: The contact page should contain a phone number, an email address, and the address for your location. It is very important for the customer to be able to easily access a communication line.  Tip:  If you don't leave a way for them to contact you then it will create a feeling that you don't want to be contacted... thus not really wanting their business!  Make it easy for them to reach you and send information at their preferred choice! 
  6. Client Testimonials & Reviews:  Word of mouth is the best way to earn a client's trust.  Other people's experiences will shine a light on what they are to expect when signing up with you and your company, and with positive comments it will have them trust you with their event right away. 

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What is considered a bad florist website?

Money Saving Tips for Longer Lasting Blooms

We are always looking for ways to keep our flowers looking their best, especially in the heat of the summer.  This past month, we gathered at Flowers Central Wholesale for the monthly meeting of the East Coast Floral Association.  In addition to a great networking and floral community event, Larry Lucas offered some really great tips to the eager florists listening.  It seems pretty simple, but these money saving tips will add days of life to your blooms and keep them looking their brightest.