Start (Up)Selling Your Experiences in Details!

by Details Flowers ● 16 November ● Tips & Tricks

As event designers, we are in the industry of creating memories that last a lifetime. After all, one of the most significant days in anyone's life is their wedding day. How do you distinguish yourself from other designers in the area while still making your clients' big day even more memorable? Start selling experiences! 

What does it mean to sell an experience? Your client is looking for the best planner/designer to make their event come to life. To make yourself stand out, start selling sensory elements. Everyone utilizes the five senses to evaluate their surroundings. As a designer, start thinking of sensory elements you could provide. Maybe that could include luxury linens and drapes, even customized lighting for a visual aspect. 

The best way to introduce these elements is to start upselling your client. When upselling, you must provide a more expensive variation of the item the customer purchases for their event. In essence, you are marketing the advantages of why they should have the better variation--which will be an incredible experience for both your client and their guests. 

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As a creative artist, you may dream up some beautiful options that complement your client's vision. Add items while keeping the budget in mind using our Proposal Suggestion tool! On Details Flowers Software, we create a Proposal Suggestion feature where you can show more luxury items or experiences to your client without interfering with their original budget. You can learn more about this feature by visiting our Support Center Article: The Worksheet: Creating Proposal Suggestions

Meet Scentex

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Scent is a fairly new way to capture your client's attention and provide a unique experience for all guests! Scentex is an organization that provides event services by creating and managing unique smells for all event types. Every event using Scentex has a Fragrance Technician on-site to control the scentscape in real-time so that it flawlessly blends with the surrounding atmosphere. Scentex provides your clients and guests with an event they'll never forget by thoughtfully incorporating aroma. 

The scents are entirely customized to fit your customer's vision for their event. Just as your customer would pick their favorite blooms, they can pick their favorite scent to style the venue. The best part is that you can assure your client the fragrance is created specifically not to cause headaches or other discomforts like other fragrance odors--so it will be a great option for everyone!

"Our full-service solution includes scent strategy, fragrance consultation, and on-site installation. Our team will also stay at your event to ensure every one of your guests has a perfectly moderated scent experience that fits into and complements the environment."

The Scentex team will take care of everything for you at the event so you can focus on your day of duties! Including Scentex will create an unforgettable experience for your clients and attendees by thoughtfully introducing aroma into your client's event. This scent experience is certain to amaze, elevate, and establish a new benchmark for all future special events.


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