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The History of Mother's Day & Carnations

The history of Mother's Day stretches back over 100 years, and started right here in the United States with one woman buying her late mother's favorite flowers as a tribute to her impact on their community. The meaning of Mother's Day and the traditions that surround it are, at the core, all about flowers.

Tips & Tricks | The Details Easter Eggs 2020


It’s Easter weekend, so let’s talk about some lesser-known features in the Details platform. Our whole system is designed to help you earn more and save time, with every feature built to address the specific needs of floral and event designers, including some hidden gems. So, let’s hop to it and take look at some of the Details Easter Eggs scattered around the platform!
White House Flower Arrangements

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, my husband Greg and I visited the White House during The Society of American Florists Congressional Action Days. This was my first time visiting the White House and we were able to go on a private tour of the West Wing and dining in the "Old Post Office" on Pennsylvania Avenue. We just so happened to get the best seat in the house! It was absolutely beautiful. I am also able to say I've stepped inside the Oval Office. It’s pretty amazing to think of all the people that have been in those rooms and roamed those hallways.

Staying On Track: Coronavirus Resources for Small Businesses

We understand this is a difficult time for many as the world deals with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Here at Details Flowers Software we are taking measures to protect our team and our business so we can continue to provide high-quality service without interruption. We also want to make sure you know of resources you can use to help you stay on track!

Alaska Peony Cooperative: Premium Peonies

We are pleased to introduce another fine supplier to our Collections - Alaska Peony Cooperative! Alaska Peony Cooperative brings with them farm-fresh, premium peonies all the way from Alaskan farmers. Florists can now design events using Alaska Peony Cooperative varieties, and will be able to send them orders directly, which will be coming very soon!

Accent Decor & Details: A Beautiful Partnership

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” -James Cash

2020 may have just started, but we’re loving it already! We’ve introduced Alexandra Farms’ world-class garden roses to our brand new Collections feature, as well as industry giant Ball’s innovative cut flowers. We’ve also released a new version of the Item Gallery with many new features to help our users organize their inventory and design easier. Up next is our new and beautiful partnership we just announced with Accent Decor!