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Accent Decor & Details: A Beautiful Partnership

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” -James Cash

2020 may have just started, but we’re loving it already! We’ve introduced Alexandra Farms’ world-class garden roses to our brand new Collections feature, as well as industry giant Ball’s innovative cut flowers. We’ve also released a new version of the Item Gallery with many new features to help our users organize their inventory and design easier. Up next is our new and beautiful partnership we just announced with Accent Decor!

Ball: All The Best & Nothing Else

If you’ve been designing in our New Item Gallery, you may have noticed a new Partner & Collection pop up alongside Alexandra Farms! Now, all Details users can design with the gorgeous and innovative Ball varieties. Ball SB, part of the Ball Horticultural Company, breeds, represents and distributes vegetative material to the biggest Cut Flower Market which works together with Ball´s own varieties and third-party breeders varieties whom they represent. Their global family of breeders, research and development teams, suppliers, and distribution companies has a strong presence on six continents in 20 countries. Their latest products fit the needs of the latest trends and lifestyles, including flowers for usage at events to everyday flowers at home or workspace.

Design with Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

We’re so grateful to announce that we are now featuring all the varieties of Alexandra Farms garden roses on Details! You can now create stunning recipes and designs using some of the most beautiful garden roses on Earth.


Spend wiser in 2020: your business essentials

It's officially 2020, people! We believe there are some amazing things in store for the floral industry this decade, which is why we're here to give you some of our best business-savvy tips to help you start off the year strong - or with a plan of action at least! It costs money to run a successful floral business but we believe there's a difference between crucial spending vs. the things you may want to cut back on or eliminate altogether. In this blog article, we get real about how florists and designers can deepen their pockets and make the smartest business moves!

Fall Floral Trends

It's the time of year when vibrant pinks and bright blues are muted, and rich shades of burgundy, deep purples, and warm golden hues begin to make an appearance.

The energy in the air begins to shift and the hustle-and-bustle begins to slow down. Aside from giving thanks for all of the blessings the year has brought, we have a moment to slow down, reflect, and enjoy quality time with our loved ones.

Details University: Payment Schedules & Invoicing

A few weeks ago in the Details University blog series we talked about payment processing fees, how to apply them, and some general best practices. This week we're going to pick up in the same general area and go over payment schedule and invoicing best practices. Exciting stuff!