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Own Your Flower Power

As a floral designer you wear many hats. Embrace the #ProfitableFlorist within you with these insider tools created specifically for floral event designers. We all possess hidden potential and it's your inner passion that led you to become a floral designer. It's with the right skill-set that your floral business will bloom. Own your potential by being profitable, organized and priced-right with Details Flowers Software - your personal flower super power.

How Has Details Helped You? A Testimonial.

We have many wonderful clients around the world and sometimes we're lucky enough to hear from them about what they like about the Details Flowers platform and how it's helped their business. Deidre & Casey Ellis from Poppie's Florist in Crossville, TN wrote this testimonial about how using Details changed the way they do business and the positive effects it's had for them. Thanks Diedre & Casey for the kind words!

How to Plan a Styled Photo-shoot

We had the chance to go behind-the-scenes with the newest member of our team - floral designer, Parie Donaldson - for an insider look on how to successfully execute a styled photo shoot. Take a look at what she had to say:

American Grown Flowers Week

From Alaska to Florida, America has a truly amazing diversity of ecosystems that have given birth to some of the most beautiful flowers around. There are professional growers in all 50 states that provide a wide array of blooms for florists everywhere to choose from, with each part of the country producing unique offerings to the floral melting pot. We're thrilled to showcase growers from all over the world, but we're especially proud of the amazing blooms found right here at home. So, to kick off American Flowers Week, we're going to highlight some of the notable blooms available in your own backyard that we found and L-O-V-E!!

Introducing Details Virtual Design Assistant

At Details Flowers, we are ALWAYS searching for and implementing new strategies to achieve three very important goals:

Made in America

The United States has a long history of driving innovation and producing high-quality products of all kinds. In the modern world, this often looks like software solutions and applications. Details is proud to carry on this tradition by building our platform right here at home, using domestic talent and labor, to deliver a platform to help small business owners in the floral industry thrive in their own right. We have never outsourced any labor or support because we value the talents we have right here and want to support our local community.