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Are you a flower junkie?

What's a "Flower Junkie"? “A Flower Junkie is an individual continually learning about floral design while striving to find the most beautiful blooms God bestows to create and share original works of floral art”, says Amy Lynne Dunlap creator of If you’re looking for some behind the scenes tips about the floral world. You will enjoy Amy’s book titled, The Flower Junkie Journey!

There's Nothing Holding You Back

When I started in my career search so many years ago, I really didn’t know what I wanted from this life.  Like many young people, I was floating along and searching for the “perfect job” that pays the bills and made me feel good.

As a creative, it’s not a coincidence that I landed in the floral industry right out of college.  I knew someday I would become a floral designer and produce gorgeous weddings featured in all the big magazines.  After two years of answering phones and sending orders, I was anxious to finally design so I asked my employer to move me to the design floor.  To my surprise, he told me to put my design dreams to rest. He said I was better suited taking orders by phone.

FlowerFarm Flourishes

At Details, we are always looking for the best suppliers and partners to help our florist customers receive the best product with the best service.  We were recently introduced to a fresh, young company, FlowerFarm, that is doing just that!  They are innovative and quick-- and providing amazing service to florists all across the country.   

When they expressed interest in reaching Details' customer base to offer their product, we were very excited.  Here is a peak into as our newest wholesale flower partners with Details.

Be sure to check them out on your COSTS page and their easy button-- and get some pricing on your upcoming events!  You will be amazed at the great quality and low price offerings on your favorite blooms.  And please, share your experience with us!!!

As Precious As A Pearl

Now is the time to take a moment and just enjoy a lovely conversation with the witty and delightful owner/designer of The Pearl Petal.  With a passionate mission to reach people and truly desirous of the devotion and virtues of relationships, Stephanie O'Quin (yes that's only one "n") is a remarkable lady!  Find out how a trip to Italy after college and spending time with a special Italian Wedding Designer, followed by some USA floral greats led her to the awesome decision to take the PLUNGE!! Hence how she found the pearl - The Pearl Petal.


Rose Webb Photography

Let's meet Stephanie O'Quin!

I started working to create The Pearl Petal in 2013 with the mission to reach people who are in need of beautiful floral for any event!

Here is a little history of my floral journey: my education in and passion for floral design began in high school and throughout college;  I had the opportunity to work with event committees which helped me hone my creative destiny of floral design. After graduating college I moved to Italy for a short time where I met and grew under the instruction of Italian Wedding Designer, Martina Trombacco. Upon arrival back to the States, I ventured into the vast world of floras and foliage! I had the opportunity to work with, design for and learn from professional and talented companies such as Dr. Delphinium, InteriorScape and GRO Design.

Now, The Pearl Petal is a flourishing company full of professionalism and devotion.

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them” - Henry Matisse

The Finest, Freshest Flourishings from Fox Point Farms

When we were strolling through the PMA conference last year, we found ourselves in awe at the most gorgeous double lilies and succulents.  And then we met the sales team, and we nearly spent over an hour talking with them and learning about their company, Fox Point Farms.  We are excited to introduce this wonderful team, great company that distribute the most gorgeous blooms from all over the world.  Here is more about Fox Point, the newest supplier in our network!

History about your company?

For 40 years we have been a forward looking company striving for the best people and products for our organization.  We have a superb team of people who have helped us grow to become a lot more than your typical wholesaler.  We are a grower and broker of flowers and greens from all over the world.  We are in the top 75% of flower and plant growing companies in the United States.  The southern California coastal weather gives us several climatic advantages including high winter light for production and quality as well as cool summer temps that give us strong stems and long lasting flowers.  We have a delightful, friendly and competent staff with roots in retail floral design that  make excellent floral suggestions to help us meet our customer's needs and to make sure that their events and arrangements shine!  Our customers include retail flower shops, event planners, free lance designers, along with specialty and boutique shops throughout the country.  We have local delivery to San Diego, Southern Orange and Southern Riverside counties and also ship for events and special occasions nationwide! 

Ramirez Wholesale Flower Power 2018

When our florists/designers begin with Details Flowers Software they are inspired by the features and tools that make their jobs much easier.  Of course they are now able calculate and prepare their orders for weekly events! Sometimes our florists/designers prefer to work with the suppliers they have relationships with, we understand that and the wholesalers do too. Once they find out they love Details Software, our florists/designers often tell their favorite suppliers about our software, and thus, their wholesaler would like to join too!  That's how it happens and also how we met the wonderful team of folks behind California based Ramirez Wholesale!  A mutual customer went raving to them about Details Software and before we knew it, we had another very happy supplier joining our network.  Here is more information about our new wholesale partner  Ramirez Wholesale Flowers. We Welcome Ramirez (Flower Power 2018) to the Wonderful World of Details Flowers Software!  

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