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Details University: Processing Fees & When to Use Them

Processing credit card payments costs money, and it's important that those costs are properly passed along to the people incurring the charges - your clients. In Details, there are a couple ways to cover the expense of payment processing, so let's go over the tools we have and when to use them!

What Sets Details Flowers Apart?

There are software platforms of all kinds out there and they're each unique, focusing on providing specific solutions. At Details Flowers, we get this question all the time: How is Details different than other floral software platforms on the market? What about the Details Flowers solution sets it apart from the pack? We believe there are some key qualities about our platform that define us and our mission, so let's break it down!

Details University: Staying Organized

As florists and event designers, organization is key to keeping your business running smoothly. With multiple events on a weekend - or heck even in a day! What do you do to stay organized? We’ve all been there, working on a huge project then suddenly a new client wants a quote, current clients are calling to make changes to their events, or you really just need to find the Details on that event you have coming up tomorrow!

Your Creative Power + Our Software

Here at Details, we take pride in what our system can help florists and event designers accomplish. The ability to quickly pull together an event and watch a stunning proposal come together is a huge #BLESSING for many. The tools that Details equips its users with keeps them from having to look in multiple different computer folders, spreadsheets and calculators. It saves them time, money and the headache of scrambling to put proposals together. The all-in-one organization and professional touch Details provides is helping florists all over the world WOW their clients and grow their businesses!

We started the campaign #ShowMeYourDetails as a way for our users to share how they incorporate Details in their everyday work, and to showcase how Details has helped manifest their vision into gorgeous events. The response was amazing!

We so appreciate everyone who has shared their content with us and would love to keep this hashtag going. Your talent is inspiring to many, and is the reason we do what we do!

Always Blooming,

The Details Team

Details University: Hard Goods v. Miscellaneous

Details Flowers has recently adopted a new item category for our clients to utilize that was specifically created to solve needs that several of our clients have. In the past, things like wire and foam didn't have a home. There were workarounds, but no perfect solution. Until now!

SAF Amelia Island: Are You Ready?

We're thrilled to be attending SAF in Amelia Island this year, and hope you're as excited as we are! The team at Details Flowers always looks forward to this 3-day event. The knowledge to be gained, new relationships to be built, and re-connections with familiar faces that strengthen our community make events like these such a blessing to participate in. Since it's not our first rodeo, we want to give you some helpful tips on what to pack for this this 3-day event, and how to prepare for all that Florida sunshine we know and love!