Introducing The New Client Portal, Now Live On Details Flowers Software!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Client Portal feature, designed to take your client experience to new heights! And the best part? It's available to all of our members at no extra cost - just an incredible value! This powerful tool allows you to customize your client portal navigation, add brand colors and information, and even connect to your Google Analytics.

Although many have suggested that we charge for this new feature, we are committed to providing it to our users at no cost. We value your support and trust and genuinely believe this feature offers numerous benefits to help our users succeed.

Let's dive into this innovative addition's exciting benefits and features to our platform.

Customize Your Client Portal Navigation

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The Client Portal default settings can be tailored to fit your company's unique needs. From the Settings page, you can fully customize your company information, branding, and navigation. This ensures that your clients experience a seamless and branded journey throughout their planning process with your company.

The Navigation tab empowers you to add custom links to your Client Portal, such as social media accounts or your company website. Tailor your navigation menu to provide quick access to essential information for your clients. 

1-Jun-11-2024-04-37-50-9433-PMIn the Company Info section, you can customize the information shown to your clients on the Proposal and Invoicing pages—toggle fields on or off to create a personalized experience that aligns with your brand. You can easily adjust your company information to showcase what your clients want to see. 

Branding Made Easy

2-Jun-11-2024-04-37-58-3869-PMThe Branding and Analytics page allows you to manage your branding elements effortlessly. Upload your logo, choose a favicon for your browser tab, and select your desired color scheme. Connect your Google Analytics ID to track data from your client portal and gain valuable insights into user interactions.

This new Client Portal feature offers unparalleled customization and analytics capabilities to elevate your client experience. Seamlessly integrate your branding, track client engagement, and provide a personalized journey for every client. Join us in revolutionizing how you interact with clients and unlock new possibilities for your floral business! 

Ready to Get Started?

Visit our Client Portal Support Article today (or start your free trial to test it out!) to learn more about this new feature and how it can transform your business. Customize, track, and engage confidently, knowing that Details Flowers Software has you covered every step.

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