Safe Transportation Strategies For Florists

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Transporting large floral designs, whether for weddings, funerals, parties, or other events, requires careful planning and attention to detail. As a florist, you understand the importance of delivering your creations in pristine condition, maintaining their beauty, and ensuring client satisfaction. By exploring these three essential ways to transport your large floral designs safely, we hope to instill knowledge on ensuring that your arrangements arrive at their destination looking stunning and fresh.

Protective Packaging


The first step in safely transporting large floral designs is to invest in proper protective packaging. This ensures that your arrangements remain secure and intact throughout the journey. Here are some key considerations:

  • Sturdy Boxes: Use high-quality, durable boxes that are appropriate for the size and weight of your floral designs. Cardboard boxes with reinforced corners and double-wall construction protect against bumps and vibrations during transportation.
  • Internal Support: To prevent shifting and damage, use foam inserts, tissue paper, or bubble wrap to create a supportive base inside the box. This will help stabilize the arrangement and protect delicate flowers and foliage.
  • Waterproof Liners: Line the box's interior with waterproof liners to safeguard the flowers from water leakage or spillage during transit. Consider using plastic liners or waterproof sheets, ensuring they are securely sealed.
  • Secure Fastening: Properly seal the box using strong packing tape to remain closed throughout the journey. If needed, add additional tape or straps to reinforce the packaging.

Temperature Control


Maintaining the right temperature is crucial to preserving the freshness and vitality of your floral designs during transportation. Extreme heat or cold can quickly damage delicate blooms. Follow these guidelines for temperature control:

  • Climate-Controlled Vehicles: Whenever possible, transport large floral designs in climate-controlled vehicles. These vehicles offer regulated temperatures that can be adjusted based on the specific needs of your arrangements.
  • Coolers and Refrigeration: If climate-controlled vehicles are unavailable, use coolers or refrigeration units to regulate the temperature. Prepare the coolers in advance by pre-cooling them and adding ice packs or gel packs to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Ensure that your arrangements are protected from direct sunlight during transportation. Sunlight can cause wilting and discoloration, particularly for sensitive flowers.
  • Ventilation: Proper airflow is essential to prevent the buildup of ethylene gas, which accelerates flower aging. Ensure adequate ventilation in the vehicle or packaging, allowing for proper air circulation.

Careful Handling and Placement


Even with secure packaging and temperature control, the handling and placement of large floral designs play a crucial role in their safe transportation. Consider the following points:

  • Proper Lifting Techniques: Train your staff in proper lifting and handling techniques to minimize the risk of dropping or damaging the arrangements. Use lifting straps or tools when necessary to ensure the safe movement of large designs.
  • Secure Positioning: When placing floral arrangements in vehicles, secure them upright to prevent shifting or toppling during transit. Consider using non-slip mats or straps to hold the arrangements in place.
  • Avoid Congestion: Ensure that the arrangements have ample space around them to prevent crushing or bending. Avoid overcrowding the vehicle or stacking heavy items on top of the floral designs.
  • Timing is Key: Plan your transportation route and schedule carefully to minimize travel time. Longer journeys can increase the risk of damage or wilting. If needed, use cooling techniques such as misting or water sprays to hydrate the blooms.

The Flower Caddy

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While all these methods are standard practices, an industry veteran who understands the struggles of transporting floral designs has recently created a new tool. Christine Foley created The Flower Caddy due to the necessity of safe and efficient transportation. 

Made in the USA, The Flower Caddy was developed and designed to fit 8”,9”, and 11” Lomi dishes and various cylinders. The Caddy also features a lightweight and durable design that allows you to stack to protect larger arrangements, allowing easy storage.

Christine Foley is the woman behind Caddy Up Solutions. As a floral designer for over 30 years, she noticed that one of the biggest challenges she would face daily in the floral industry is the logistics of the operation. While running the operations at the Long Island florist In Full Bloom, she noticed the most common question was, “How are we delivering the arrangements from the Vase to the venue?” You spend months and hours designing and sourcing, so why let the delivery be a source of stress and frustration? The Flower Caddy was designed as a helping hand and allowed the arrangement and centerpieces to be delivered gracefully and efficiently.


"As a florist and designer for over 30 years, I was tired of spending my time and money trying to figure out a temporary jerry-rigged solution to deliver high-end centerpieces. Through this frustration, I invented the prototype of The Flower Caddy. A tool that allows absolutely no stress when it comes to the logistics of delivering your floral masterpieces." 

The idea is to get ahead in this business by designing and delivering efficiently, not spending time, energy, and money figuring out a temporary solution! The days of leaky cardboard boxes, cumbersome buckets, and broken Styrofoam are over. The Flower Caddy is the easiest solution to very common and complex problems. What used to be a stressful day of logistics now flows seamlessly from the vase to the venue, thanks to your newest teammate. 

What are the benefits of the flower caddy, you ask?
  • They are stackable and space-efficient
  • Multi-purpose. One side fits and holds multiple-sized Lomey dishes in place, while the other side holds four cylinders of various sizes.
  • There is a well to catch excess water.
  • A pitched angle on four sides allows easy access to the centerpiece.
  • The Flower Caddy is lightweight and durable. Acting as an extra hand on the day of set up.
  • Made from Eco-friendly recycled plastic.
  • The Flower Caddy is proudly made in the USA.


Interested in investing in The Flower Caddy? Visit the official website here! Use code DETAILS10 when placing your order for extra savings!

As a professional florist, ensuring the safe transportation of your large floral designs is essential to maintain their beauty and quality. Investing in protective packaging, controlling the temperature, and handling the arrangements carefully ensures that your creations arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Implementing these three key strategies will impress your clients and establish your reputation as a reliable and trusted florist.

Remember, each event is unique, so it's important to adapt these transportation methods based on the specific requirements of your floral designs and the prevailing weather conditions. By prioritizing safe transportation, you can deliver exceptional floral creations that leave a lasting impression on your clients.


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