The Do's & Don'ts of Large Floral Installations with Elizabeth Fisher Masterclass Recap

We are soaring after our informative discussion with Floral Mechanics owner, Elizabeth Fisher, about the dos and don'ts of large floral installations! Elizabeth and our CEO and Founder, Corrine, had a very enlightening conversation about how to avoid disaster and the best practices when creating these beautiful pieces. We are sharing a few of the key takeaways below!

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Preparation is Key

Research and planning for your large installation is such an essential step for any event. When in the first consultation with your client, a budget for the event will need to be established. The amount of manpower, materials, rental equipment, and time will dictate the overall cost of the large installation alone. 

Once a budget is established-- it is time to research the venue! Taking the time to contact the event venue to learn the 'rigging points' of the event space will save you so much guesswork the day of the event. Depending on the venue or company, they will require a copy of your liability insurance and an Audio Visual company to help install the structure. This, of course, will need to be accounted for in the cost for your client!

Elizabeth recommends preparing as much of the structure as you can ahead of time. You never know what the day of install will bring; having a game plan of what person will do each task and all of your materials in order will make the setup much smoother. 


Be Creative!

floralhoops(Flower chandeliers pictured above created by Elizabeth Fisher)

The biggest takeaway from the discussion was to be creative! These structures are mean to be eye-catching and reflect the entire mood of the event. Be daring in your design process and think outside of the box. Safety is a priority--design the structure with whimsy but always have a plan (and a backup plan) to safely secure the day of the event. 


Masterclass Cliff's Notes

Here are just a few tips that Elizabeth and Corrine shared during the Masterclass:

  • Pre-design as much as you possibly can.
  • You will need to know how much time you have to set up at the event. This will help you with the amount of staff you will need.
  • The more you are able to distribute weight on the ends of an arch, the more sturdy it will be.
  • Some tenting companies will help hang structures. Reach out to those companies that you work closely with!
  • The sky's the limit when creating these large structures!!

Download the full Cliff’s Notes in the PDF link below!


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About Our Guest

Elizabeth Fisher is the owner of Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe in Dallas, Texas, and she also started a company called Floral Mechanics which provides mechanical systems for floral installations. You may even recognize her installations from their popularity on Pinterest!

In the floral industry for over 16 years, she has an unshakable passion for creating art with flowers and foliage. Elizabeth’s shop specializes in creating breathtaking floral statements for events: corporate, social, and weddings. Of all the pieces she creates, she’s most enthusiastic about installations and large-scale arrangements. Elizabeth believes that, when done with intention, floral design can elevate any space and event. When not on-site designing, she’s leading the industry in education through her Sweet Honey Workshops, teaching both budding and established florists how to refine their design skills through courses covering floral chandelier installations, flower wall design, and high-end arrangement creations.

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