Soaring To New Heights With Floral Mechanics

by Details Flowers ● 14 July ● Partners

We are so excited to announce our newest partnership with Floral Mechanics! As a Details user, you will now be able to select from an array of floral hoops for your next big event. While you familiarize yourself with the newest products--let's get to know the founder, Elizabeth Fisher, a bit more!  


“Minds are like flowers; they open only when the time is right.” (Stephen Richards)

Elizabeth's introduction to the floral industry was at sixteen while preparing to go to school for nursing. A passion for flowers blossomed during that time and she decided that this was her new path. Opening Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe in 2011, her creativity has grown to new heights and her adventures in the floral industry started to grow. 


Meet Floral Mechanics

Floral Mechanics emerged from a strong need for innovation in the industry.  "A florist needed to be able to economically and quickly construct a fresh floral wall for an event.  When the current methods were reviewed and discussed the difficulty of successfully executing a large fresh flower wall was apparent.  The challenges of the physical installation,  leaking water from the floral foam, time constraints at the venue and the large sunk cost associated with the current construction methods made us seek a better solution." (Floral Mechanics)

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Elizabeth's work has been published in magazines across the country and has been featured in the national magazine Florist Review as one of the top 35 Florists Under 35. Her time is spent designing installations, spending time with family, and volunteering for local nonprofits such as WiNGS, which focuses on empowerment and providing resources for women in business. Her favorite designs involve large floral installations. The more challenging the project, the more inspired she becomes! 

We recently hosted a Masterclass with Elizabeth Fisher on The Do's and Don'ts of Large Floral Installations - check out the full recap here!

Her advice to new florists would be to find a mentor or that person in the industry that you can truly lean on for guidance. She gives so much credit to her mentor that has taught her the floral know-how and life direction.  

Elizabeth has many exciting opportunities to showcase her artistry and to teach fellow florists about new mechanics in the industry. Sweet Honey Workshops and Floral Mechanics products are available to take your skills to new heights. 

Interested in getting started with large flower installations? Visit our blog, "A Florists' Guide to Large Floral Installations" to dive into the details of the full process!


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