Far From Static, Design Monochromatic! July Global Flower Trend

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Based on a recent Facebook poll we conducted in our Facebook Group, our customers love the monochromatic floral design trend! Some find it intimidating to design monochromatically, but it can be quite energizing to think outside of the box. We want to give you a crash course into the monochromatic design world and show off some unique examples to inspire!

What Defines a Monochromatic Color Scheme?

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"mon·o·chro·mat·ic: containing or using only one color."

Monochromatic color combinations are created by starting with a single base hue and extending it with its shades, tones, and tints. By adding white to the color, tints will appear, and greys and blacks will be used to achieve shades and tones.

Colors of a monochromatic nature provide an overall sense of cohesion and can be used to support communication objectives by using connotative color. Adding texture and variation in tone can compensate for the lack of hue contrast.

In art and visual communications design, monochromatic color schemes provide opportunities for greater contrast, which is useful for grabbing the attention of its audience.


Monochromatic Floral Designs

Now that we understand the basics, let jump right into designing! Here are some fun arrangements that embody the fierce expression of Monochromatic Design.

"And it was all yellow..."

yellowThis stunning design was created by the Design Institute featuring our partner, Alexandra Farms', Catalina garden roses! We love the creativity in the variety of yellow flowers chosen for this design.


"Like Red on a Rose..."

redThis avant-garde design showcases all of the rich, warm shades of red, with burgundy hints!


"Never Worn White..."

whiteWhite is a fun one to work with because you can add cream colors and light grays, with greenery for contrast to make the flowers pop!


"Pretty in Pink..."

pinkThere are so many incredible shades of pink - go crazy with them! This design uses light pinks that almost looks like it fades into coral colors, with beige accents.


"Orange Skies..."

orangeThe above combination of oranges are so beautiful, it makes us excited for Fall! We love how all of the shades of orange are represented there, from dark rich tones to very light, almost yellow, and everything in between.


"It’s Not Easy Being Green..."

greenGreenery comes in all different shades, but we love the addition of the anthurium to really top it off with a bright green you otherwise wouldn't see! Some other green flowers you could use for green monochromatic designs are Bells of Ireland, Calla Lilies, Carnations, and Hydrangea!

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