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by Details Flowers ● 23 September ● News & Events

Have you seen the latest issue of Florists' Review Magazine? We are featured! The article is all about the advantages of Floral /Event Software and how it is beneficial to enhance your business. Let's take a dive into the article!

Blooming Sales with Wedding/Event-Planning Software Programs

"Florist-specific software for planning weddings and events offers the potential for increased efficiency, sales and, of course, profits." By Brenda Silva

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 12.27.00 PMSuccess is all in the Details

One company that understands the details of the retail flower business is Details Flowers Software, which was founded in 2015 by Corrine Heck. The software caters to all flower-related events, but its focus is primarily weddings.

Prior to launching Details Flowers Software, which is located in Ormond Beach, Fla., Heck opened a boutique and designed for weddings in Central Florida. Even with hundreds of successful wedding designs to her credit, Heck was aware that there were business challenges—such as processes and procedures—that could be improved for florists. Improving and streamlining these challenges was the seed from which Details Flowers Software grew. According to Heck, Details allows florists to “connect directly to the industry’s first-rate suppliers while designing weddings and events with ease and creating proposals that win.”

“Our belief is that if your proposals lack organization during the design process, how can a bride expect her flowers to be well-crafted?” Heck asserts. “The proposal is your first opportunity to create a ‘wow’ experience for bridal and event clients, and it should reflect how beautifully their weddings or events will come together. It should be professional, polished, and perfect!”

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Continuing education remains key to the future success of any flower shop, and Heck is quick to point out the role it plays at Details Flowers Software. “We champion continuing education in the floral industry,” she shares. “There are so many exciting new techniques and materials that we want to keep Details users in the conversation. Some of our initiatives include partnering with top industry educators, hosting monthly tips-and-tricks webinars, offering exclusive ‘master classes’ with floral professionals, and presenting hot topics at industry conventions.”

At Details, the focus on continuing education and keeping florists in the floral loop begins in-house, where
team members meet daily to exchange ideas based on client feedback. Viable suggestions are then explored by the development team, “and the features grow and change through a series of rigorous version tests before, eventually, we publish the changes to the platform for all of our users,” Heck explains.

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