Educational Resources: The American Institute of Floral Designers

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We wanted to give helpful resources to assist you to get started on your road of Leveling Up your business through continuing education. The American Institute of Floral Designers is an excellent step to begin learning more industry strategies and connecting with a network of supportive social professionals in the field.

About The American Institute of Floral Designers


The American Institute of Flower Designers was founded in 1965 and is now the floral industry's foremost non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, maintaining, and recognizing the highest level of professional floral design. The AIFD and its worldwide authorized members are at the vanguard of the business in terms of educational design programs and flower design for prestigious events such as the Tournament of Roses Parade, the Academy Awards, and Presidential Inaugurations. They are a remarkable bunch of gifted artists.

Accredited membership in AIFD is exceptionally prestigious, and it can only be earned if an applicant has successfully demonstrated advanced professional ability in floral creativity. Members proudly display the “AIFD addendum” on their names to show that they have been “Accredited in Floral Design” by their peers. They must maintain their “avant-garde” status by satisfying specific ongoing education criteria.

There is only one way to join AIFD® as an Accredited Member:
Participate in the Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE®) and acquire the required scores to be invited to AIFD®. To view all the criteria needed to join, please visit their official website here


AIFD Education Center


The AIFD® is dedicated to promoting, maintaining, and recognizing the highest level of professional floral design and floral design education. Welcome to AIFD's online education, the newest advantage that will help you improve your professional abilities or put you on the route to becoming an accredited member of AIFD®.

After the start date, all online classes are available for two weeks. All courses are self-paced, allowing users to log in and out whenever it is convenient for them. All online courses feature a live instructor who interacts with students through discussion boards, e-mails, and material updates, aiding the learning process. 

Prestigious AIFD® Education Partners offer hands-on workshops, and fees, timings, and locations vary. Please visit the AIFD® Education Partners page for a list of those that offer hands-on workshops.

These programs, which are offered by a few AIFD® Education Partners, will help anyone prepare for the Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE) or to improve their overall design skills. Prior to attending the courses, AIFD® advises that attendees complete the online portions of these classes (Arrangements: Everyday & Sympathy and Personal Flowers: To Wear or Carry). The cost of the course varies depending on the school, but it usually covers all flowers and materials, with participants bringing their own tools. To learn more about educational opportunities, visit their Educational page!


AIFD National Symposium


Every summer, AIFD hosts its highly regarded National Symposium. This vibrant conclave gathers designers, educators, and interested individuals from all over the world and is considered the most important design education event in the floral industry.

The next Symposium, Roots: Growing Forward Together, will be July 4-9th, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada! We're so excited and honored to be the official procurement software for this upcoming event!

Keep your eyes on their Symposium page to receive all updates for the event.

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