September Masterclass with Calvert Crary: Ways to Set Yourself Apart with Education

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We had an excellent discussion with our friend, Calvert Crary, the Executive Director of FlowerSchool New York and Los Angeles! We talked about all aspects of leveling up your business and what to expect when enrolling in courses at the FlowerSchool.   

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About FlowerSchool NY


Founded in 2010, FlowerSchool New York's Floral Design Program is a carefully crafted sequence of courses that prepares students for a profession in the floral design field. It is licensed by the New York State Education Department. The Floral Design Program teaches the methodologies of the floral industry and includes an internship component enabling students to exercise their newly gained techniques and skills in a real-world situation, incorporating tactics and business strategies from our acclaimed master florists.

In the field of floral design education, FlowerSchool is unrivaled. FlowerSchool provides ongoing support and work options after graduation to help you gain the experience you need to continue your path.

Beginner to advanced programs are available at FlowerSchool NY. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of floral design, work with experts, or get an NYSED Certificate in Floral Design, FlowerSchool NY offers a variety of classes to meet your needs. Students can expect to study the NY technique of design, which uses only the best fresh flowers and creates arrangements that showcase each flower's most attractive and unique features.


Available Courses


With FlowerSchool's Beginner's Open Studio Flower Box, you may learn the art of floral arrangement at home. Each student will receive a box of premium flowers sent straight to their house, as well as a two-hour live Zoom lesson with one of FlowerSchool's distinguished designers. What other class is available where you can learn the latest floral design ideas and methods from the comfort of your own home?!

The Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced Design Series, Advanced Wedding Series, and Event Design Series are all foundation courses. Technical florist training is at the heart of these flagship programs. Students begin their floral adventure by learning proper techniques and following a routine.

FlowerSchool offers a variety of themed seminars for both experts and beginners. FlowerSchool offers a wide choice of trend-specific seminars to keep you on the cutting edge of design and style, whether you're interested in wreath-making for the holidays or an in-depth course on seasonal wedding bouquets, business, or floral photography.

Their well-known six-week program is the most efficient way to break into the floral design industry. Learn from the best florists in the country as you prepare for a professional career and immerse yourself in their flower-filled virtual environment! Students will have the fundamental skills, techniques, and design ability to work in or create their own professional flower shop or design studio at the end of the program.

Interested in signing up? Visit their website!


Internship Opportunities


As part of the Floral Design program, FlowerSchool partners with many of New York's leading flower shops and studios to give a 50-hour internship experience. These internships allow students to put their abilities and techniques to the test in a real-world studio scenario. Students assist with many parts of the floral company, including weddings, events, weekly deliveries, flower conditioning and preparation, and more. These internships could lead to extended possibilities outside of school, ranging from weekends to one-month and full-year careers.

Several of the students go on to create their own businesses or get full-time jobs at existing studios as a result of their experiences. FlowerSchool makes every effort to connect all students with real-world opportunities to further their floral education and put their abilities to use.

FlowerSchool also has an online Alumni Group where like-minded grads may interact, ask questions, and even assist one another with independent activities. This group is where FlowerSchool lists all job openings and external internships.


Freelancing Do's and Dont's

  • Follow Cal's ABC's of the floral business--Always Be Cleaning! It is important to be a team player and keep a tidy work area when freelancing, 
  • Always show up on time and be professional. 
  • Maintain a portfolio/resume of your work. Pro Tip: Add Details Flowers Software to the top of your software that you are proficient in! 
  • Stay up to date on current trends. This will give you a competitive edge against the other freelancers in your area. 

Download the full Cliff's Notes from the Masterclass:


FlowerSchool has some exciting new courses in the works! Stay tuned for many more announcements and accomplishments to come. 


About Calvert Crary


Calvert Crary is the Executive Director of both state licensed career development schools FlowerSchool New York and FlowerSchool Los Angeles, and author of Flower School: A Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging (Nov 2020).

As an internationally recognized instructor and mentor, Calvert has taught programs across the United States, Holland, Mexico, France, and Australia, and was this year’s judge for the prestigious PHS Philadelphia Flower Show.

Calvert has trained and coached thousands of students on how to work in the floral industry with top designers, start new businesses, or reorganize existing floral businesses into thriving careers.


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