Dahlias, Natural Glamour: Featuring Ball SB

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The Dahlia, which is native to Mexico, is often regarded as one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. Many interpretations have been given to the flower based on its look, but one of the most powerful is "remaining graceful." 

Ball's New Dahlia Varieties

We are celebrating Ball's Dahlia Week this first week of January!

"If the Dahlia flower was a person, it would have royal manners and graceful nature. We can learn a lot from this flower and always keep our behavior under control no matter how hard it might seem to us. Staying graceful in life and respecting others is going to pay off to you in the future, and it will completely change the way others see you.” (Ball SB)

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Our friends at Ball SB have exciting new Dahlia varieties that we can't wait to share with you! Garnet, Pink Quartz, Orange Stone, Moon Stone (Genie, Pictured Above), and Red Stone are all stunning. Each dahlia is a one-of-a-kind flower!

Check out some more facts about Ball SB Dahlias here.


What is the Dahlia?

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A Mexican perennial plant with a bushy appearance. Dahlias come in 42 different species, with hybrids being the most popular garden plants. With one head per stalk, flower forms vary; these can be as little as 2 in diameter or as large as 1 ft in diameter. The leafy stems can grow to be as short as 12 in and as tall as 6–8 ft. 

In 1963, the dahlia was designated as Mexico's national flower. The Aztecs grew the dahlia as a food crop, but this practice died out following the Spanish Conquest.

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About Ball SB

ballBall SB, as part of the Ball Horticultural group, distributes seeds, plugs, cuttings, and TC plants in Central and South America as well as Kenya and Ethiopia, offering our own genetics and representing third parties in the region.

In our R&D station located in Sesquile, Cundinamarca we do our breeding programs, testing and research of fresh-cut flowers.  We have various locations in Colombia to propagate cuttings and TC plant materials for the needs of our growers.  As a service to our customers, Ball SB also leads a complete marketing program of our flowers to make their business grow by exposing our products in consumer markets.

We have offices in Miami in the United States, Bogota in Colombia, Quito in Ecuador, and representatives in Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and East Africa.​

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