Igniting & Inspiring Excitement for Floral Design: A Recap of our Masterclass with Sue Davis

by Details Flowers ● 28 April ● Tips & Tricks, Partners

We hope all of our clients had the chance to tune into our Masterclass with floral extraordinaire and friend, Sue Davis! If not, you don't want to miss this summary of Corrine’s discussion with her on how to ignite and inspire excitement for floral design.


How Do I Stay Inspired?

The day-to-day routine can be very tedious and very strenuous on the body, especially for us florists! Sometimes we need a break to find that passion for our work. Sue assured us that we are not alone. Even the best of us experience a loss of inspiration! Before burnout sets in, we want to provide the tools to help you and your team to ignite that desire to create. Check out our recent blog where we outline 5 Ideas to Prevent Burnout!

Masterclass Cliffnotes

Sue shared so many helpful and inspiring pieces of information on ways to prevent burnout, we wanted to highlight some of the key takeaways:

  • We are the set designers of life!
  • Fake it until you make it. Don't be afraid to try things and reach higher. Dive in and learn to swim!
  • Don't take anything too seriously. It's just flowers!
  • Always hustle to do events, even ones you're not that interested in. It is still a job and you are responsible to deliver the best you can. You never know when your next client will be or where this client can lead you.
  • Keep the creative juices flowing with:
    • Wine!
    • A new project or problem to solve to keep you on your toes and excited.
    • Admiring other florists' work.
    • Work-life balance.
    • Hire out, ask for help.
    • Take time to rest.
  • This industry takes a toll on us physically as well. Yoga helps with back issues! Learn not to lift as heavy and invest in supportive shoes.
  • Working with a new team each week keeps the juices flowing. Once again, hire out help when needed. Use strong individuals to lift. Hire "pokers" to take care of the small jobs for an event.
  • Even though we all bid for the same jobs, we need to keep a good relationship and have each other's backs in the industry.
  • Train your brain to take a moment to enjoy the flowers themselves. Smell them. Take 5 minutes to enjoy what you are doing. You chose this career that you love. Breathe!
  • Make sure your team doesn't go unappreciated. Go to dinner after a large event. Give away gift cards. Give hugs or massages. Keep an eye on your team during install day to make sure they are okay. Give extra money or even stop for a dance party!
  • Stay motivated by helping create new designs, performance installations, and styled shoots. Make something you've always wanted to make to market this creative vision.
  • Take advantage of all the free/inexpensive education out there now. Do it! This will keep you excited. Hop on Clubhouse, join in discussions to get a free business education.
  • Social media is not what it seems. Photos can be manipulated. Don't compare yourself to others!

Download this helpful guide, along with 12 Ideas to help prevent burnout and keep your team motivated in the PDF link below! 



In summary, the next two years are going to be very busy. Really take care of yourself and your team. You work hard, so love your work. It is very important, not to be so hard on yourself!


About Our Guest

Susan Davis's career in floral design began 30 years ago. She started with a Film and Television degree that cultivated her love of the arts.  After doing set design for QVC her passion for creative arts led her into Event Florals.  She is a national speaker/educator and the founder of The Design Sanctuary Workshop as well as the owner and founder of Fresh Designs Florist.  She has trained countless apprentice florists and many have gone on to start their own design studios and flower shops.  Bringing her sense of line, color, texture to her work she creates one-of-a-kind experiences for all of her clients.  After 30 years, weddings and events still make her heart skip a beat.

If you are interested in signing up for the next Design Sanctuary Workshop with Sue Davis, head to the link below to claim your spot!
Check out Sue's beautiful brand FlowrSoul and her catalog of products for florists at:


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