Top 5 Ideas To Prevent Burnout

by Details Flowers ● 26 April ● Just For Fun

Let's face it, this industry can be mentally and physically exhausting. Florist and Designers are the miracle workers that transform dreams into reality. The constant marketing of your business, the never-ending meetings with clients, the late nights and early mornings, and not to mention, loading all of the heavy materials, can be very strenuous on the body.  With events starting again, we want to provide some fun ideas to help you and your team decompress! 

Fun Outing With The Team


Teamwork makes the dream work. Give thanks to your team by going on a day outing! This could be a picnic in a garden, a trip to the beach, a team-building retreat, or a trip to a local winery. After a large event, take the team to a local restaurant and just have fun! If you are looking for a more hands-on approach, why not sign up for a group cooking class or a paint party? Both are perfect for a laid-back atmosphere. Make this a new quarterly routine to go out with your staff and not think about work!

Put The Phone Down


Our cell phones have become an extension of ourselves. Constantly checking work emails and monitoring all of the Social Media platforms can be very consuming. Believe it or not, this perpetual cycle can lead to negative effects on the body. Research points that increased cell phone use can cause changes in vision, chronic migraines, poor posture, disruption of sleep patterns, and anxiety. Social Media can be very deceiving. Keep in mind that nothing is perfect and not take yourself so seriously. Turn off your notifications for a few hours a day; Give your mind and body the break it needs! 

Spa Day


Massages, manicures, and relaxation. After lugging heavy buckets of water all day, what could be better? Treat yourself and your team to a spa day! This can include basic packages for an individual session or book for the whole team. You can even rent a massage chair for your team to enjoy! Your body will thank you for the time to relax and regroup. Treat yourself! You and your team deserve to take a moment to reward all of the hard work that has been poured into these events. 

Staff Superlatives


Want to recognize your staff for their unique contributions to the team? Staff Superlatives are the way to go! This is a fun way to get the whole team involved and to thank them for their efforts. You can create personalized certificates to highlighting fun traits. Create a gift basket with gift cards or some of their favorite items! They will truly feel valued and excited about this thoughtful gesture. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • The Coffee Fairy Award- an individual that is most likely to have a cup of coffee in their hand at all times.
  • The Sunny Award- an individual that always has a smile on their face and stays cool under pressure. 
  • The Navigator Award- an individual that always volunteers to read out directions while on a delivery. 
  • The Mary Poppins Award- an individual that always has those necessary tools on hand, even after hours!
  • The Night Owl /Early Bird Award- an individual that is always the first and/or the last to leave the shop or event. 
  • The MacGyver Award- an individual that always comes up with ideas for those creative projects. This person can also be the go-to for all of those repairs around the shop! 

Day Off


Nothing says thank you like a well-deserved day off! After the busy season, take a day to close the shop, and enjoy the day. Stepping away from the normal day-to-day activities will give your team the reset everyone has been needing. This could include catching up on all of the missed hours of sleep or starting that new TV series that you've been anxious to watch! Take this time to focus on YOU!

This job is demanding. Our passion for flowers and the people that receive them keep us going. Take a moment to breathe and enjoy these moments that you are creating. 

Download our PDF guide from our April 2021 Masterclass with Sue Davis, where we discussed many different ways to stay motivated and take care of yourself and your team! 




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