November Masterclass: Navigating The World of Freelance Design

by Details Flowers ● 19 November ● News & Events

For the first time ever--we hosted a panel discussion all about the world of freelance design for our November Masterclass series. Our CEO and Founder, Corrine, was joined by industry professionals Adelena Whittiker Rooney, Jenny Thomasson, Renee Tucci, and Parie Donaldson to discuss all of the hot topics emerging from the floral freelance community. If you missed out on our discussion--here is our official recap!

Getting Started

The best way to get involved in the Freelance Community is to get your name out there! Word of mouth, local and national organizations and social media are all valid ways to get your foot in the door freelancing. Reputation is everything in this small community. Making sure you present your best work and attitude is the way to get those positive referrals. 

Booking The Gig

When you are in the beginning stages of hiring a freelancer or seeking a company to freelance for - communication is essential. Both parties need to have a clear contract of limitations and expectations. Make sure they are mentioned so there are no surprises once the work begins. Traveling out of state? Have certifications or degrees? Make sure you are communicating this to the company you are looking to freelance for so they can account for this in the negotiation process. Do not be afraid to price your worth. The average hourly wage for a floral freelancer is between $25-$30. 

Once on the job, be a team player and offer a helping hand. Being a self-starter does reflect quite nicely in the referral process. Having a positive attitude towards the work will affect all who are involved. No one wants toxicity on the day of an event!


Freelance Survey Results Highlights

Over the past month, we compiled data from the freelance floral industry to gauge a standard of expectations for those jobs. Here are a few of the highlights from the data we shared! Check out our full Freelance Survey blog to see all of the results!





The Industry is Changing

The freelance industry is changing before our very eyes. New regulations are being passed in states that affect those who make a living as a freelancer. In California, this has been most evident. Check out our newest blog about "California Assembly Bill 5 and How it is Impacting our Industry". 

Here's a downloadable PDF with some key points from our panel that will help you navigate the freelance world!


About the Panelists 

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