2021 Freelance Survey Results

by Details Flowers ● 19 November ● News & Events

Over the past few weeks, we have compiled data via an online survey for our November Masterclass series. We hosted a panel discussion about the world of freelance design for the first time ever.

Corrine, our CEO, and Founder was joined by industry experts Adelena Whittiker Rooney, Jenny Thomasson, Renee Tucci, and Parie Donaldson to talk about all of the current hot topics in the floral freelance world. With this data, we are able to continue the conversation regarding freelance industry standards. Here is all of the data we collected!











The Industry is Changing

The freelance industry is changing before our very eyes. New regulations are being passed in states that affect those who make a living as a freelancer. In California, this has been most evident. Check out our newest blog about "California Assembly Bill 5 and How it is Impacting our Industry". 


Watch The Recap of Our November Masterclass

Here's a downloadable PDF with some key points from our panel that will help you navigate the freelance world!

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