December Masterclass: Buying Wholesale Flowers Made Easy with Mike Black

by Details Flowers ● 22 December ● News & Events

For our December Masterclass, we had the opportunity to chat with our friend Mike Black, president of Jet Fresh Flowers. We had such an informative conversation all about the current state of the supply chain, exciting happenings at Jet Fresh, and ordering etiquette. If you miss out on our Masterclass with our newest partner, here is what you missed!

All About Jet Fresh

When it comes to the floral industry, Mike Black is an expert. His family has been in the industry since the 1930s, and he learned everything there is to know about it the heart of the New York Flower Market. Once he was out of the family business, he found his way to the Miami/Doral, Florida area, and found that this was the true hub for the floral industry.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors was founded in 2007 and has been thriving ever since. Jet Fresh has grown in popularity as a result of their goal to be different and stand out in the business. They place a high priority on community and family. Being yourself, being loyal, and having a heart are the keys to being a part of the Jet Fresh Family.


Jet Fresh grows their roses on a boutique 10-hectare farm in Ecuador. They are now planting traditional wedding rose varieties as well as unique and special varieties. Their most notable rose variety is the Hippy Psychedelic Roses--which are all hand-painted right on the farm!

Jet Fresh will be releasing a completely new design called Speaking Roses! Consider a personalized rose stamp for those special clients. The options are limitless! Keep your eyes open for further information on the Speaking Roses!

How to Adapt to Industry-Wide Challenges

It's no secret that the pandemic has altered our purchasing habits. This has had a significant influence on the flower industry, and it has presented significant challenges to everyone involved. There are fewer delivery drivers and trucks on the road, as well as less air transportation, to transfer the cargo. We created a blog to Thank a Delivery Driver dedicated to this important subject; make sure to check it out to learn more!

Product delivery has now taken twice as long as it did previously due to logistical issues. Flowers have been sitting for days at loading docks and trucks without being properly cared for. There's a chance the goods won't look it's best when it gets to the florist's front door. The blame is automatically put on the wholesaler when the logistics of delivery is entirely out of their control. 

Not only have transportation systems shifted, but flowers have become increasingly difficult to come by. Everyone is on the lookout for the ideal wedding roses. The overwhelming number of orders has resulted in the majority of products being sold out. Even the weather has had a significant impact on the roses' growth cycle.

The best approach to prepare for this is to keep an open line of communication with your client regarding industry-wide issues. Let your client know that if a specific product is unavailable, substitutions may be necessary, and bring that list to your wholesaler when placing an order. It's important to be flexible in order to make the ordering process go more smoothly. It is now advisable to put your order for your event a week ahead of time than usual. Your wholesalers will do all possible to ensure that you receive your product on time; make sure you give them enough time!

Wholesaler Do's and Dont's


Here is a wholesaler's perspective on what to do when ordering. Make sure you check out our full Masterclass Recap Cliff's Notes for more "Do's and Dont's" of wholesale ordering!

  • You need to be flexible. Flowers are grown and not manufactured. The whole industry has changed and timing is not the same as it used to be.
  • Costs for everyone have gone up and products have not been available at the farm level. 
  • Give trust to your wholesaler. They will try every avenue to find your product or they will find a substitution comparable to your product.  
  • This is a hard industry and we need to work together to thrive. 
  • Put orders in a week earlier and provide substitutions. Sell your events with these challenges in mind. 

A special thank you to Mike and the whole team at Jet Fresh for their incredible partnership! Make sure you check out their Collection within Details' Item Gallery! 


About Mike Black - President of Jet Fresh Flowers

Mike, who has worked in the flower industry his entire life, earned his Ph.D. from New York City’s 28th Street Flower Market University. Working with family as a 3rd generation flower hustler, Mike has managed different aspects within the flower industry from wholesale, bouquets, and mass-market; and now he’s gaining experience as a new grower.

Utilizing his past experience, he started Jet Fresh Flowers with just a single desk tucked away inside JA Flower Service's warehouse. With plenty of hard work and determination, Mike turned Jet Fresh Flowers into the well-known flower provider it is today.

As the business continued to grow, Mike’s family jumped on board, continuing the next generation of flower experts. This family atmosphere has curated a fun-loving culture that’s warm, welcoming, and full of creative possibilities. This, in turn, has helped Jet Fresh become a leader in today’s modern era flower industry.

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