Thank Your Local Floral Delivery Driver

by Details Flowers ● 15 September ● News & Events

It's no secret that the recent events from the past year have hindered all industries worldwide. The lack of product increased pricing, and prolonged shipping times are becoming more evident as the year progresses.

Issue at Hand

The trucking industry has transformed over the past year and a half. New regulations are making it difficult to keep seasoned (and even new drivers) off the road. The time spent away from their families has not matched the wages that they are given.

Commercial drivers and motor carriers have distinct reactions due to their day-to-day experiences. Carriers are more worried about hiring and retaining drivers, dealing with insurance and nuclear verdicts, and maintaining a healthy business margin, whereas drivers are more concerned with their health, safety, and regulations that may affect their salary and everyday activities. Here's an overview of the biggest obstacles for drivers and carriers ranked:

1 Truck Parking Driver Shortage
2 Driver Compensation Driver Retention
3 Detention/Delay at Customer Facilities Compliance, Safety, Accountability
4 Hours-of-Service Insurance Cost/Availability
5 Driver Training Standards Tort Reform
6 Automated Truck Technology Economy
7 Compliance, Safety, Accountability Transportation Infrastructure/Congestion/Funding
8 Driver Health & Wellness Driver Distraction
9 Speed Limiters Detention/Delay at Customer Facilities
10 ELD Mandate Hours-of-Service

Delivery drivers' availabilities have depleted during this pandemic. The floral industry, especially, has taken a direct hit. Our friend, Williee Armellini with Flowers and Cents, conducted an informative panel about the topic at this year's WFFSA Conference in Miami with Brad Quinn (Prime Inc.) and David Armellini (Armellini Logistics). 

"The need for drivers is more challenging than ever before and it is causing many service issues. Brad Quinn and David Armellini discuss the problem and possible solutions." To watch the whole panel discussion, please watch the video below or read Williee's full article on Flowers & Cents.


Ways To Thank Your Driver for Trucker Awareness Week

Let's face it, this is a collaborative industry--we are all in this together! These drivers spend so much time alone on the road without seeing their families for days at a time. A simple thank you does go a long way. Here are just a few ideas to thank your driver:

  • Leave out Snacks and Water
  • Gift Card for the Holiday's 
  • Make The Unloading Process Easier
  • Write a Thank You Note/Sign

Trucker Awareness Week this year is September 12th - 18th. Did you know there are over 3.6 million professional truck drivers in the United States working to, quite literally, drive the economy forward?

Show your appreciation to your delivery drivers on social media by saving the below images to your device and sharing! 





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