Educational Resources: Society of American Florists' Career Connections

by Details Flowers ● 17 September ● News & Events

In the spirit of Leveling Up your business with continued education--we wanted to provide helpful resources to start your journey. The Society of American Florists is the best way to get started discovering more business savvy tips and be introduced to a community of industry professionals with like-minded goals. 


About The Society of American Florists


The Society of American Florists is the organization that integrates and cultivates a flourishing floral community by providing resources to growth-minded professionals to create fulfilling careers, cultivating connections across the industry to share ideas and solve problems, serving as the industry's resource for relevant data and knowledge about the future, and improving the organization's operational performance. 

The Society of American Florists was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1884 by 21 members of the American Association of Nurserymen, Florists, and Seedsmen. SAF is the only national trade association that represents the entire flower industry in the United States. The leading retailers, growers, distributors, importers, manufacturers, suppliers, educators, students, and affiliated organizations are among our more than 2,500 members. In Washington, D.C., SAF is the face and voice of a strong, united flower industry. Individuals and businesses in the floral industry are welcome to join the SAF.

Benefits for those who choose to become members include:

If you are an active SAF Member, you do receive an exclusive discount on your Details Subscription. Let us know at and get your savings today!


SAF Career Connection


They have numerous educational topics including Marketing Your Business, Trends & Statics, and Business Advice. For members, their Career Connection page is the prime location for all Courses, Live Virtual Events, and a location to connect with others in the floral community.

We are honored to have the opportunity to host a course on the Career Connection site! Our course is “The Elements of a Winning Contract,” where you’ll learn all of the most essential details to help you increase your wedding bookings by creating a contract that impresses clients and ensures that your assets are protected. The major points of this course are:

  • The essential elements of a proposal – what makes a winning contract. Through format, layout, design, colors, personal touches, and more, you’ll discover tips that make you and your contract stand out from the competition.
  • Contract Terms you can’t afford to get wrong- the clauses that are imperative to any event contract and why they are so important. Plus, the terms that are very often overlooked, but ensure you are prepared for anything.
  • Best Practices- a proposal is one of the first opportunities to showcase your business. The expert insights and resources in this course help you communicate your dedication, experience, and work ethic through the essential elements of a wedding proposal and important contract terms that every florist should be using.

Check out the course today by visiting the SAF Career Connections page! 


SAF Orlando September 21-23, 2021


SAF is best known for its annual convention where all of those involved in the industry can Reconnect, Recharge, and Get Inspired. By attending, you will "Return home refreshed and prepared to confront challenges and seize the most promising opportunities.". During the three days of the convention, there are plenty of live speaking sessions along with opportunities to meet professionals. This year's convention will be held in Orlando, Florida and we cannot wait to see everyone there!  Make sure to register to attend today!


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