Dried Flowers: September Global Flower Trend

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(Photo above featuring dried pampas grass by Accent Decor Inc.)

Dried flowers are beautiful in any season and stay just as long. They are a long-lasting choice to enhance your mood and elevate your aesthetic, and flowers in the home have been proved to reduce stress levels. The boho dried floral trend has taken Instagram by storm--but how did it all begin? 


A Brief History


The ancient Egyptians were among the first documented fans of dried flowers and the art of flower arranging. Egyptians used bouquets and vases frequently, as seen by artwork and hieroglyphics, and the repetition of form shows that there were rigid rules about how flowers should be presented. These works frequently featured lotus flowers and papyrus. These plants signified life, death, and the Egyptian region as a whole when they were all put together. Flowers were also employed in funeral rites, and garlands have been discovered wrapped around mummies buried in tombs.

Dried florals, on the other hand, were utilized for more than just decoration. Egyptians are also credited with being the first known users of perfumes and cosmetics. Dried flowers were important in the development of perfumes, and they may be used as incense, blended into oils or salves, or pulverized and utilized as pigments in lip and eye colors.

Flowers were used medicinally in the Middle Ages and were thought to protect people from sickness. Lavender was commonly spread across church floors in the belief that it would protect churchgoers from devils. Many plants, such as lavender, protected against disease by repelling the creatures and pests that transmitted it, despite the fact that common ailments were considered spiritual afflictions at the time. Herb gardens were collected from churches and used to make medicinal ointments and teas for the community.


Benefits of Dried Flowers

(Photo featuring the Kendall pot by Accent Decor Inc.)

Purchasing dried flowers is a fantastic environmentally friendly alternative! Many fresh flower offerings are cultivated in other countries, leaving a significant carbon footprint. Dried flowers are 100 percent natural and biodegradable (unlike artificial) – not to add less inefficient, as dried flower arrangements last considerably longer than fresh cut flower arrangements, which only last 10 days on average. Dried flowers are a great way to go green. Dried flowers are easier to carry, don't require water or expensive misting equipment to stay fresh, and can be stored without the need for climate-controlled storage. This results in a far lesser carbon footprint, and consumers are willing to make the switch.


Dried Flower Care

ad-1(Left photo featuring the Mac vase by Accent Decor Inc., Right photo by @accentdecorinc and @sheanstrong)

There's not a whole lot that goes into caring for dried flowers! They'll last longer if you keep them out of direct sunshine (which might diminish the color of your dried flower bouquet) and away from dampness. Your dried flower bouquet may need to be dusted with a dry cloth or given a quick hairdryer blast from time to time.

If your dried florals aren't already preserved, you may buy a protectant preservation spray to use on them. The typical lifespan of dried flowers is one year. Your dried flower arrangements may naturally fade in color over time, but if you buy colored dried flowers, they will last much longer. Handle your arrangement with care because dried flowers are typically delicate. Place it in a location where it won't be knocked over or bumped. The more time passes, the more fragile the stems grow.

Flowers with tight petals dry very well when looking for the best flowers to buy. Stronger blooms are also less likely to lose leaves or petals, which is why eucalyptus is such a treasure! Baby's breath, dried palms, pampas grass, and dried lavender bunches are some of our favorite dried flowers. The boho appearance that all of these flowers can provide to a dried flower bouquet is one of our favorites. All dried blossoms and leaves are pollen-free, which benefits consumers in two ways: they are hypoallergenic and don't have pollinated stamens to stain clothing or surfaces.

The concept of preserving dried flowers as a memento is a wonderful added service that you can include in your wedding packages. This is ideal for bridal bouquets or any other special event flowers that you'd like to remember!


Dried Flowers Available at Accent Decor

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