Haus of Stems: A New Species of Flowers

We are very excited to announce our newest partnership with Haus of Stems! Their uniquely crafted botanicals are unparalleled to anything else in the industry, which is why we're so thrilled to launch a new collection on the platform to include their beautiful irithurium selection. Members of the platform can browse the Haus of Stems collection directly in the Item Gallery and add any of the blooms to their recipes and events!

About Haus of Stems

Based in Los Angeles, California, Haus of Stems is the brainchild of Kristen Alpaugh, whose artistic talents shine through every hand-painted stem. Their specialties include iridescent anthuriums, called 'irithuriums' and luxe botanicals. Haus of Stems is more than just a flower shop, it's an art studio that focuses on highlighting nature's most beautiful qualities. 


(Photos courtesy of @flwrpstl on Instagram)

In 2017, Kristen stepped away from the corporate world to pursue her passion as an artist. FLWR PSTL cultivated distinctive designs that made an impact in the floral community. Kristen uses the impermanent beauty of flowers to stress the importance of being present. She believes color is a gift and employs years of experience in fine art to her work — melding botanicals with various media to tell unique and compelling stories through floral design. (FLWR PSTL). Her mission was to make these stems accessible to all florists and designers so they can elevate their designs. Thus, Haus of Stems was born.

Look Familiar?

hausofstemskaty(Photos left to right: Katy Perry design by @flwrpstl, Holly Chapple design @hollychapple)

Have you seen these irithuriums before? You most likely have! Haus of Stems has taken over the social media realm and pop culture alike. Our friend, Holly Chapple, has used them in her design work, as well as many other influencers in the industry! Recently, the crafted stem was featured in Katy Perry's music video, "Never Worn White." Another notable appearance, Kristen put her creativity to the test in the HBO floral competition series Full Bloom, which premiered on HBOMAX in 2020!


We are ecstatic about this new addition to Details Flowers Software and look forward to seeing all of the creations made from the Haus of Stems collection! 

If you're ready to get started using Haus of Stems in your designs, as well as our other partners, get started with your free 7-day trial today!

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