Details Flowers Software 2022 Year In Review

by Details Flowers ● 27 December ● News & Events

Here is a look back at our year at Details, and we couldn't be happier! In 2022, Details Flowers Software had a fantastic year. When it comes to announcing brand-new partnerships, introducing eagerly anticipated features, and touring the world to meet floral friends, we can honestly state that this year will never be forgotten.

Watch the short video below for a full recap of all our new partners, our travels, and the features that came to the Details Flowers Software platform in 2022! Or, keep scrolling to get a recap of all our 2022 highlights.



We had an incredible time traveling all over the United States and to the United Kingdom to attend industry events and meet so many floral community members! Take a look at all of the events we attended this year below. 

glfee-Dec-22-2022-05-44-07-7193-PMGreat Lakes Floral & Event Expo
Grand Rapids, Michigan
March 4-7, 2022
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14-Dec-22-2022-06-24-57-3118-PMWholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association
Miami, Florida
March 7-9, 2022
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Thin Blog Images-Dec-22-2022-06-34-41-7447-PM
Fleurs de Villes Miami
Miami, Florida
March 4-14, 2022
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Spark Design Series

Orlando, Florida
March 14-15, 2022
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12-Dec-22-2022-06-26-02-6259-PMSAF 1-Day Profit Blast
Albany, New York
March 22, 2022

11-Dec-22-2022-06-26-22-6697-PMSociety of American Florists Congressional Action Days
Washington DC
March 28-29, 2022

10-Dec-22-2022-06-26-38-3777-PMTeam Flower Conference
Albany, New York
May 11-13, 2022
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Miami, Florida
June 7-9, 2022

8-Dec-22-2022-06-27-11-2914-PMSlow Flowers Summit
Pocantico, New York
June 26-28, 2022
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7-Dec-22-2022-06-27-28-1337-PMAIFD Roots Symposium
Las Vegas, Nevada
July 4-9, 2022
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6-Dec-22-2022-06-27-42-2159-PMFlorida State Florists Association "Embrace" Annual Conference
Orlando, Florida
July 23-24, 2022
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5-Dec-22-2022-06-28-23-4832-PMSociety of American Florists' Next Gen LIVE! Conference
Miami, Florida
July 31-August 2, 2022
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4-Dec-22-2022-06-28-37-2288-PMCal Flowers Fun 'N Sun Convention
San Diego, California
August 29-31, 2022
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3-Dec-22-2022-06-28-51-5580-PMSociety of American Florists Annual Convention
Orlando, Florida
September 6-8, 2022

2-Dec-22-2022-06-29-05-3119-PMBritish Florist Association's FleurEx
United Kingdom
October 15-16, 2022
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1-Dec-22-2022-06-29-18-5202-PMThe WeddingMBA
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 7-9, 2022
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Newest Partners

We welcomed new partners in 2022 who are pillars of the floral industry. Their efforts to shatter barriers and redefine the community are motivating, and their impact helps enhance industry expertise. We are so excited to have these partners as a part of the Details Family! 

5-Dec-22-2022-06-42-45-6512-PM 4-Dec-22-2022-06-42-56-3720-PM 3-Dec-22-2022-06-43-03-8287-PM
2-Dec-22-2022-06-43-47-4880-PM 1-Dec-22-2022-06-43-56-9168-PM  



This year, we had the pleasure of working with such excellent businesses and some amazing designers and business leaders. We want to raise awareness of significant community changes and encourage our florists to be more imaginative and commercially savvy through our monthly masterclass series.

The following is a list of our 2022 Masterclass Guests who assisted in the spread of floral knowledge this year. If you're interested in seeing the Masterclass recap of any of the guests below, click on their image!

January 2022
Jules Lewis Gibson
125 Years of Florists' Review Magazine
45-1March 2022
Martha Lojewski
Alaska Peony Cooperative: Gearing Up For Peony Season

44-2April 2022
Amy Balsters
Bouquet Building Techniques

43May 2022
Ace Berry
A Discussion with Ace Berry

42June 2022
Dr. Breigh Jones-Coplin
The Key to Wellness & Mental Health in the Floral Industry
41-1July 2022
Nicole Palazzo
Exploring the Next GENeration of Florists
39-2September 2022
Derek Woodruff
Exploring the World of Floral Education & Competitions

9-Dec-22-2022-06-57-24-0120-PMOctober 2022
Monica Michelle
BloomTV & Details

8-Dec-22-2022-06-58-44-0745-PMNovember 2022
Sahid Nahim, Ryan Black, Melanie Spilbeler, & Amy Balsters
Marketing 101 for the Floral Industry: Panelist Discussion



We are honored and humbled to have been recognized by many organizations this year. Our CEO, Corrine, was recognized for her amazing leadership and dedication to our industry. We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve our local community and our floral family. 







New Features

Last but not least, here's a recap of all the features we released on the Details Flowers Software platform last year!

Thin Blog ImagesUpdate Costs Symbol (Worksheet) - January 2022

  • With prices changing on florals at increasingly regular intervals, you may need to go in and update the costs for your items in the 'Item Gallery.' You may want to update the costs on your 'Worksheet' to match in some cases. When you come to a 'Worksheet' that includes items whose costs have been updated since you added them, you will see a symbol at the top of the 'Worksheet' next to the grand total. Learn more about this feature here in the Support Center.

14-Dec-22-2022-08-44-56-1840-PMForm Submission Alerts- January 2022

  • Once a client has filled out your form, you will get an alert to the email listed in your 'Company Info' notifying you of the submission similar to how you receive your Proposal signed notifications. In the email you will have a link to go directly to their form response page to review. Learn more about the Form Builder in the Details Support Center. 

Thin Blog Images-2Search By Invoice Number - March 2022

  • You can now search by Invoice Number on the Event List. Learn more about Event List Search here!

12-Dec-22-2022-08-44-56-2637-PMInvoice Number Column - March 2022

  • You can now have Invoice Number as a selected column to view on the Event List.


Thin Blog Images-1
Markup Alert - May 2022

  • A markup percentage can be entered into a field for a particular recipe. If you change the recipe markup at any point after the first save, you will see an orange triangle pop up notifying you that your markup differs from the save markup. If you would like to revert back to the original saved mark, click on the orange triangle to do so.

Thin Blog Images-3
Price Calculator - May 2022

  •  The price is determined by the markup of the cost. Optionally, a flat price may be entered into the field to override the automatically calculated price. If you make changes to the ingredient prices or quantities within the recipe, you will see an alert letting you know that the cost has changed. If you want to update the Price based on your updated Cost, click on the calculator to do so before saving.

9-Dec-22-2022-08-44-56-0054-PMCopy Ingredient List Recipe Option - May 2022

  • In the upper right-hand corner of the 'Ingredients' area, you will see a list symbol. Clicking on this field will copy the list of ingredients to your computer 'Clipboard'. 

8-Dec-22-2022-08-44-56-4773-PMSwiss Franc - May 2022

  • We added the Swiss Franc as a currency option. Learn more about adjusting currency in this Support Center Article

7-Dec-22-2022-08-44-56-6100-PMPremium Features Button (Main Menu) - May 2022

  • Details Members can now directly access Premium Features through the Premium Features Button on The Main Menu. From there, you may fill out a form to obtain a subscription to the feature you desire.

Thin Blog Images-4Payments Magic Button - June 2022

  • At the top of the column between the 'Type' and 'Total' columns, you will see a magic wand. This wand will help you to adjust your payment and percentage amounts without having to do any work! Learn all about the Details Payment Magic Button in the Support Article here

Thin Blog Images-Dec-22-2022-09-47-45-2679-PMPayments Due Column - June 2022

  • Within each of your events, you have what is called the Event Financials page. This page will automatically pull in the default payment schedule you listed in your Company settings. On this page, you can adjust your payment schedule for a specific client, including the 'Due' field! When you click the 'Save' button at the bottom, the 'Date' column will automatically adjust. Learn more about this feature here!

4-Dec-22-2022-08-44-56-7548-PMRecipe Collections - September 2022

  • Creating custom collections in your Recipe Gallery can help you to stay organized and create a tool for your to use during consultations with a client. Each account will have an 'All Recipes' and a 'Featured Recipes' collection in their account. From there you can also create any collections you would like to add to your gallery. This new feature was highly requested, so make sure to learn all about Recipe Collections in this Support Center Article!

2-Dec-22-2022-08-44-55-5143-PMEmployee Privacy Mode Settings - December 2022

  •  We have gotten several requests to give Owners and Managers the option to hide costs for those marked as 'Employees'. Now, Owners & Managers will be able to enforce 'Privacy Mode' for Employees directly from the Authorized Users page by turning the Privacy Mode toggle 'On' or 'Off'. Learn more about what can be hidden in Privacy Mode by reading this Support Center Article

Authorized User Invitation Expiration Extension & Resend Options - December 2022

  • The process for sending invites remains the same; however, you can now extend the expiration on someone's invite and re-send an invite as needed! Previously, each invitation expired after three days, and if you ever wanted to re-send an invite, you would need to complete the invitation from scratch. These updates will allow you to adjust any invitation as needed should something come up!

Thin Blog Images-Dec-22-2022-09-49-45-2396-PMSupplier Column On Items Needed - December 2022

  • You will now be able to see to which of our partners an item belongs from the Items Needed report in the 'Suppliers' column. To view this column, use the 'Settings' menu to enable this column, and then any of our Partner Items you use will have the supplier listed there. 

We are unbelievably grateful for all of the love and support from our Dedicated Detailers and floral community in 2022. Let's look forward to 2023, when even more amazing opportunities lie ahead!


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