Welcoming Rosaprima to Details!

by Details Flowers ● 8 December ● News & Events

We are excited to announce that Rosaprima blooms will now be available on Details! Rosaprima has so many offerings to choose from to include in your events created in Details. If you are unfamiliar with our newest partner, here is a brief introduction!

About Rosaprima 

Blog Grid-Oct-24-2022-07-16-21-71-PMFounded in 1995, Rosaprima provides premium roses across the globe. The team at Rosaprima monitors current trends in the industry and cultivates luxury blooms with the florist in mind.  "With a presence in five of the seven continents, our global reach enables customers around the world access to the exquisite Rosaprima collection. We are in tune with local markets and buyers’ preferences, allowing us to curate a globally appealing collection." (Rosaprima)

The 400-acre farm is located in the Andes Moutain of Ecuador, where the climate is ideal for growing bountiful roses. Over 150 varieties of roses are grown with special attention and care. In 2020, the team at Rosaprima added 100 hectares to their operation to ensure the progression of the future of new and well-loved varieties.  They have recently added blooms beyond just roses like anemones and ranunculus. In order to expand their growth techniques, they analyze more than 10,000 new floral variety codes each year. 

Rosaprima has a floral distribution network of over 25,000 florists throughout the world. Their rose varieties have won countless awards. In 2021, Rosaprima took home eleven ribbons from the Society of American Florists Annual Convention in the Outstanding Varieties Competition. 6 Red Ribbons for RP Lady Eva, RP Flamingo, RP Copper Kiss, Effie, momentum, and Mayra's Bridal Pink. 4 Blue Ribbons for RP Aspen, Dark X-pression, Princess Crown and Eugenie. Lastly, the Purple Ribbon for best in class was awarded to Leonora. 

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Rosaprima continues to shine through outstanding bloom quality, innovation, and customer service. Only select wholesale partners distribute Rosaprima products. Their commitment to handle products with care and preservation while in transit is shared by the global network of quality-conscious wholesalers. 

A Blossoming New Partnership

Details Flowers Software and Rosaprima have announced a new partnership. Through this collaboration, Details users can plan, use, and access items from the Details software platform with special bloom collections from Rosaprima. 

“We are excited and honored to be bringing Rosaprima products to Details!” said Corrine Heck, CEO, and Founder of Details Flowers Software. “Rosaprima is a brand that is known and loved in the floral industry, and we are thrilled to offer their beautiful blooms to our members.” 

The new Rosaprima Collection in the Details Item Gallery features a full line of Rosaprima Premium Roses in varieties and sizes to meet the demands of any floral consumer. The exquisite collection of roses from Rosaprima offers a luxurious option for any florist to use in their events. Details Members can create Item and Recipe Collections featuring their favorite Rosaprima products with accurate pricing and availability. 

"We are excited that customers can now quote and view the availability of our varieties directly on the Details Flowers platform," said Team Rosaprima. "Everyone can quickly reroute to book any rose and flower variety from our catalog and get them through any of our partner wholesalers. We are driven by giving our customers outstanding customer service, and this partnership is definitely part of it." 

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Florists can now price their events appropriately while using Rosaprima-specific product lines and learn about new rose varieties they may not be familiar with. This collaboration eliminates the need for tedious item counting and manual entry. Mathematical functions are accomplished in a few clicks, saving hours of calculations and potential errors. With the help of Details, florists can be confident in their processes and trust that they are receiving premium products for their events.

Rosaprima focuses on sustainability efforts to conserve plastic at the farm level. They are innovating new technologies and perfecting current practices to improve shipping for the blooms. Stems are not being wrapped completely in plastic, and all plastic is recycled at the farm. 

Rosaprima is committed to growing and breeding the world’s most luxurious roses. Since 1995, their values have remained the same, but as they have grown through the years, they have continuously evolved to become the best luxury rose growers. Before choosing the variety, it takes approximately seven months to get the first production. In this stage, they make any changes for it to be perfect. It takes 18 months to get a constant production of the variety. 


Rosaprima has spent years developing worldwide brand recognition and a reputation for quality that resonates with those who expect the best. When forming distribution partnerships, they seek well-established, quality-oriented distributors. 

Rosaprima distributors share their passion and vision for delivering luxury roses in optimal transport and cold chain conditions. They combine our branding, service, and distribution strengths to deliver roses of uncompromising quality and a truly unique floral experience. Distributors in their network benefit from strong brand recognition, which opens new doors and helps grow revenues. Preferred wholesale partners distribute Rosaprima products through USA and Canada.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead with Rosaprima. If you would like to meet the Rosaprima team, here are the events they will be attending in 2023:


SAF Events:

Society of American Florists Annual Convention 

Society of American Florists Profit Blast 

Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association (

American Institute of Floral Designers Annual Symposium


International Floriculture Trade Fair



Make sure to explore all of Rosaprima's offerings in the Item Gallery within Details! If you would like to learn more information about Rosaprima, make sure to check out their website. We can't wait to see what you create with Rosaprima Blooms!


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