Marketing in The Floral Industry 101: November 2022 Masterclass Panel Discussion

by Details Flowers ● 30 November ● News & Events

For November's Masterclass, we hosted a special panel with the floral industry's top marketers. Ryan Black, Amy Balsters, Sahid Nahim, and Melanie Spilbeler joined us as we talked about all of the helpful tips to make marketing for your business a success. If you couldn't join us, here is a complete recap of our session!


Our panelists covered a variety of topics. The first topic covered was creating a solid brand. To start creating a brand, build slowly and focus on your core values as a company. It’s okay to serve a select group of people, and it is okay if that changes over time as your company evolves. Ask yourself, who are you, and who is your ideal customer? Once you answer those questions, it is time to start putting your brand out into the world.

Social Media-

Take the time to plan your social media strategy. There are platforms such as Later and Facebook Business Suite to plan your social media posts for the week. The best way to present your brand is to be yourself! Find ways to get your brand out there beyond just formal conversations with your clients. Collaborate with other industry members such as venues, wedding vendors, and local businesses. Be authentic, be available, and understand that there is no such thing as competition. Help those around you, and it will, in turn, help you!

Networking & Events-

Networking by going to events is such a worthwhile investment. Connecting with those around you is a large aspect of our industry. There are many events to attend to network for everyone's needs and skill levels. There are intimate workshops and retreats for those florists that might not like the larger crowds of big conventions. Not only are there ample opportunities to learn by watching educational speakers, but the peers you meet can create bonds for lifelong friendships. In this industry, we need to lean on one another. Attending events is the perfect way to make those connections and follow upcoming trends!

Marketing Trends & SMS-

Trends for 2023 are on the rise. Look on social media, follow pop culture, and follow trends from others. Come from a creative mindset. Don’t be afraid to try something new. See what other people are doing and put your twist on it to present to your audience. Make it fun! SMS Marketing is on the rise. Feelings are pretty mixed on this topic, but we believe it will become a bigger tool in the industry for reminders of appointments, order updates, etc. The next generation of consumers is more susceptible to text messages, which leads to more ways to connect with people other than emails. 

Google Business Account-

To start marketing for your business, create a Google Business Account. Nine out of ten people go to Google to inquire about services. Ratings on Google Reviews are HUGE. Make sure to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews so you can appear more positive in searches. Create a routine by checking your analytics and finding what avenues are not paying off. Start small when it comes to ad spending. Put in around $50 to $100 at first and watch the performance closely. It is a continued evolution, it takes time, don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money without knowing your objective. 

Email Marketing-

Customer Lists are a foundation for email marketing. Emails are a great platform for building potential sales for the future. This is even better than social media in most cases because you can control what customers see your information. Anyone can unsubscribe, so don’t worry about spamming people. Emails allow people to become familiar with your brand and your products. Include a blog or photography of your latest designs for leads to look at your work.

We want to thank all of the panelists for joining us this month for our Masterclass! Make sure to watch the complete video replay below. 


Meet the Panelists!

1-Nov-14-2022-07-31-46-2486-PMRyan Black - Marketing & Media Director for Jet Fresh Flowers
A self-proclaimed, modern-day renaissance man who has been the marketing director at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors for over 10 years. He has degrees in Art/Design and Multimedia/Communications from Florida Atlantic University, which have given him the ability to produce cutting-edge designs and content for Jet Fresh Flower Distributors as well as our partner farms; including Roses With Altitude and our rose farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A.​


2-Nov-14-2022-07-31-11-3809-PMAmy Balsters - The Floral Coach
Amy Balsters is a classically trained, award-winning floral design educator with vast industry experience spanning two decades in retail floristry, weddings, and special events. She specializes in teaching the romantic inspired, "loose and airy style" and is the creator of Bouquet Bootcamp®. Amy has taught all over the U.S. and has trained thousands of florists how to design more confidently and efficiently using professional design techniques. Featured on Design Sponge as one of the “20 Florists to Follow on Instagram,” Amy has won multiple design awards, including “Mastery in Principles of Design,” chosen by the Senior Style Editor of Martha Stewart. Team Flower named her “Designer of the Year,” and her work has been featured and published in major national and international wedding publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings, Once Wed, Florists Review, and many more.

3-Nov-14-2022-07-30-51-8601-PMSahid Nahim - Founder & CEO of New Bloom Solutions
Sahid Nahim is dedicated to the floral industry by providing the most innovative solutions available for companies to bloom and thrive. New Bloom Solutions partners with clients at every segment of the floral industry supply chain to help transform their organizations, integrate innovation, and build businesses that flourish. With decades of floral industry experience and a background in customer relationship development, marketing, and sales, Sahid developed a deep understanding of how each aspect of the industry worked. He realized that our industry needed more communication, innovation, collaboration, and partnerships. With that vision, he founded New Blooms Solutions and created a live video show, The Bloom Show, on LinkedIn and YouTube.


4-Nov-14-2022-07-32-10-4410-PMMelanie Spilbeler - Fresh Path Marketing
Part creative and part analytical, and 100% ambitious. Melanie has spent over 15 years in positions centered around consumers, their preferences, and how to provide a better experience for them. Additionally, during her tenure at ExactTarget, a digital marketing SAAS provider ultimately acquired by SalesForce, Melanie gained a keen interest in data-driven customer insights and how to maximize a brand’s reach and potential through highly personalized campaigns. Prior to co-founding FreshPath Marketing, LLC, she was the Director of Marketing at Syndicate Sales for over five years. She quickly became immersed in the floriculture industry, developing e-commerce experiences, fostering one-of-a-kind brand partnerships, and launched numerous new products and programs with Syndicate. Melanie’s greatest strength lies in her ability to analyze data points and inputs, understand how they are connected, and provide actionable recommendations. She is acutely aware of the challenges facing many businesses today: lack of resources, identifying the right technology and driving its adoption, and developing effective campaigns. Melanie works diligently to help implement lasting solutions to make FreshPath's clients’ businesses more successful. Melanie currently serves as the chairperson for the Marketing Committee and a Board Member for WF&FSA. She is also an active member of the SAF Wholesale Council.

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