Attending Florida State Floral Association's "Embrace" 2022

by Details Flowers ● 11 August ● News & Events

We were honored to be able to attend this year's Florida State Floral Association's "Embrace" Annual Conference last month AND be a sponsor for a category of the "Gateways to the America's Cup" competition! Check out our photos of this event below!

Day 1: Saturday, July 23


The first full day of the conference was jam-packed with competing floral designers from around the world and educational presentations. Donald Yim, AIFD was first to speak, followed by Kate Penn (SAF), Randy Wooten AIFD, and to finish the day off was Hitomi Gilliam, Ken Seneter, and Jacob McCall AIFD!

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Task 3 of the Gateways to the America's Cup was the "Details Flowers Bridal Bouquet" challenge! This is the category we were sponsors of, and were excited to give the lucky winner a $500 cash prize! We were able to watch the contestants create their gorgeous designs in their booths.

FSFA also held an Ian Prosser (Botanica International Design) Bridal Bouquet Competition.

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Day 2: Sunday, July 24

The second day at FSFA's conference was so much fun! Our team watched Laura Dowling, the White House's previous florist, speak on her experiences while working there. 


Task 5 of the "Gateway to the America's Cup" was the last and final task for the designers. They had to create a piece of wearable floral fashion, and they did not disappoint! Every piece was absolutely stunning.







The day and event ended with the Presidential Gala and Awards Ceremony, where our Founder & CEO Corrine Heck presented the winner of the Bridal Bouquet Competition, Jenna Temple AIFD from the USA with her prize!

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We had such a great time at the Florida State Floral Association's Annual Conference; we already can't wait for next year's! 

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