January Masterclass: 125 Years Of Florists' Review Magazine

by Details Flowers ● 28 January ● News & Events

For our January Masterclass series, we had the pleasure of chatting with our friend, Jules Lewis Gibson, President and Creative Director of Florist's Review Magazine! We got the inside scoop of all things Florist' Review and can't wait to share it with you all. 

History of Florists' Review Magazine 


"Founded in 1897, Florists’ Review is the premier source for the global floral industry. We have proudly served florists, artisans, manufacturers, growers, and distributors for over 120 years. Established by Gilbert Leonard Grant in Chicago as The Weekly Florists’ Review, it was the first floral magazine to use photography rather than sketches, giving florists an accurate picture of what was happening in their industry. " Florist Review Magazine

In 1997, the book A Centennial History of the American Florist was published. This book contained a majority of Florists Review Magazine's artwork and history. Throughout the decades, topics from Design Styles, Importing, Tools, Holiday Design, Wedding Design, and Funeral Design were covered. It's incredible how written media can serve as a time capsule for looking back on how our industry has progressed. Florists' Review Magazine has done an excellent job in preserving the magazine's history. All of the previous publications are currently in archives for the next generation of florists to enjoy!

The magazine is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, under the leadership of Jules, who acquired the publication in 2021. Florists Review Magazine is now known worldwide as the leading publication for floristry news and trends. Readers will find motivational stories on floral designers, step-by-step tutorials, and flower design contests.

Florists' Review Magazine brings effective and enjoyable content and opens healthy conversations about the floral industry. 


How to Get Involved with the Magazine

Florists' Review Magazine is open to all content ideas you may have. Please email mail@floristsreview.com if you are interested in seeing specific topics covered in the magazine.

The best way to have your designs showcased is to participate in contests such as The Picture Perfect Wedding Contest and Best in Blooms, which accept submissions until February 1st! Participating in games is a great way to get your name out there in the floral industry, get to know like-minded designers, and be featured in the coveted magazine! 

Looking to advertise in the magazine, you certainly can! The magazine is a great avenue to promote your business and be a tool to buy/sell industry items (i.e., storefronts, vehicles. coolers). If you are in the market for finding specific things, check out the advertisements in Florists' Review Magazine! 


Looking To The Future

Florists' Review magazine has exciting avenues lined up for the next few years! Superfloral magazine, a trade magazine involving the supermarket industry, will be launching again in 2022. Canadian Floral Magazine plans to relaunch next year along with planned trips by Florists' Review Magazine! Be on the lookout for these exciting announcements on Florists' Review's Instagram.

Florists' Review seeks to expand its educational offerings to provide designers more opportunities to show off their skills and florists more opportunities to learn new skills.


About Jules Lewis Gibson, President & Creative Director of Florists Review Magazine


A third-generation female entrepreneur, Jules has acquired great know-how in the publishing and luxury marketing industries. For the past decade, Jules owned Fuse Media+, the Sarasota-based media company creators of Florida Homes Magazine, Florida Boating Magazine, and the award-winning women’s publication, GRAVITAS.

In January 2021, Jules acquired Florists’ Review, Superfloral, Canadian Floral brands. Before media, Jules founded an advertising agency specializing in the luxury home industry and launched an online floral/garden boutique, among other ventures.

“I am honored and feel a great sense of responsibility to move these brands forward for the florists, the growers, the craftsmen, and for all of us to have beautiful flowers in our lives. I love the process of creating beautiful products and online experiences. We have so many exciting things to create, people to meet, and fabulous flowers to enjoy!” 

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