The Importance of Creating a Custom Vanity URL

Have you heard about the newest feature in Details allowing you to create a custom vanity URL to host your Proposal PDFs? You can now choose/create your proposal link that matches your company's URL! In addition to hosting your Proposal PDFs, you will also be able to host the forms you start using the  Form Builder. 

What is a Custom Vanity URL?


The term "vanity URL" refers to the process of adding a domain name to your brand's URL and redirecting consumers from one URL to another. It includes information with appropriate keywords or relevant words that direct customers to the contents of vanity links. It's educational, descriptive, timely, and unique. This allows you to highlight your brand or make your business more visible online by using specific keywords to promote your business. But, what is the importance of a custom vanity URL? Here are just a few top reasons for this customization for your business! 


Establish Your Brand


With 2022 set to be one of the busiest event seasons the industry has seen in many years, there has never been a better time to stand out against your competitors. One of the ways you can help your business stand out is to strengthen your branding.

A custom URL will better establish a branded look for your business. As business owners, you know how important creating a branded look for your client is in an industry that relies on the visual aspect. Having consistent branding with your social media, website, and proposals and forms will create more of a professional appearance with your brand. You will be able to use your company colors, logo, and font style with the new Form Builder. 

This even goes further into SEO best practices. A custom, branded url will be noticed by Google and give your company even more of an edge on search.


Build Trust With Your Customers 


It helps to create client trust by being straightforward, simple, and honest. Focusing on generating a variety of URLs for any of your long or website URLs will help you build credibility by making your Details Proposal or Form URL more understandable for your customers. The last thing you want is for your customers to feel weary of the link you're sending them to!


Create Memorable Links


These urls will make it much easier for your clients to revisit a Proposal or Form link you sent over through Details. There will be a much higher chance that your client will confidently click through the link provided, and possibly even recognize and remember the link when referring to it.

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