A Guide to Setting Business Goals in 2022

by Details Flowers ● 21 January ● Tips & Tricks

Hello, 2022! January is a perfect time to get those new goals into action. Happened to miss the New Years Resolution train? Do not fret; we have a few tips to help you set your business goals for this year and a few ideas to incorporate into your plans. 

Tips for Setting Business Goals


1. Set Realistic Goals for You & Your Team
Time to sit down and brainstorm everything you would like to see your business accomplish this year. If that happens to be - adding more revenue to the company or getting your name out more in the community, both are entirely obtainable if you keep in mind just a few points:

  • Make sure to identify strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself what your current team is capable of? If you imagine booking more events at a larger scale and you only have limited staff--maybe it is time to look into hiring extra help when you need it most. 
  • Take time to identify your resources. Do you use software to help keep all your events in order? Do you use a third party for accounting purposes? Examining your resources at the beginning of the year can help determine if these were successful to you in the past or what avenues you need to explore further to implement in 2022. 


2. Trackable Goals
Having goals you can manage and track is essential for sticking with these new goals. If you want to build your social media following this year, having a document to track your progress and ideas is a great way to see growth. This way, you can evaluate what works best for your audience and what you can build on in the future. Here are a few tools you can use to track your projects and see if you are meeting your goals:

  • An all-in-one event management system like Details! Details allows you to export your event data, items used, and your pricing to keep for your records. Having this data can help when looking back each year on how many events you booked, and set new goals for the upcoming year.
  • A project management system like Monday, Trello or Basecamp, so you can build out your internal company projects and set tasks and deadlines for individual members of your team. These really help everyone stay organized and on track to meet those new goals!
  • Social Media listening/tracking tools such as Later or Hootsuite. Not only can you schedule your social posts ahead with these tools, but they also provide easy-to-digest analytic tracking so you can see how each post or campaign performed.

3. Set Team Goals

Sitting the team down and having a conversation about what each person has in mind for their career goals for the year can also help build the plans for a successful 2022. Take a slow afternoon to do a team bonding session where you come up with company goals together. Everyone will be on the same page moving forward, but this will help the team members feel like they are making a positive contribution to the business. 

Encouraging your team to think about their personal financial goals as well can be very helpful to both them and you as a business owner. Setting up cashflows to share with anyone on your team who would like to use them can help inspire and motivate them to make more positive decisions in their own lives.


4. Break Down Priorities 
Short-term goals vs. Long-term goals--how do you determine this?

  • Short-term goals are actions you wish to see within a short time frame. Setting weekly, monthly, or quarterly business goals are perfect for this.
  • Long-term goals are what your short-term goals help to achieve. Let's say you have a plan to open a retail shop within the next 1-2 years.
How will you achieve that? Start with the short-term goals that build on one another. Maybe you would like to have other offerings in your store such as candles and local wine. Take the time to think of all of your local businesses that offer these and start building relationships with them.


5. Write EVERYTHING Down
What better way to hold yourself accountable than to write your goals down for you to see every day. Some people use sticky notes and place them around their workspace, others create boards with collages of how they would like for their year to go. However you decide to do this, make sure it is in a visible spot! Get your team together to create these visual boards for their goals and have them hang them in their workspace. It is a good feeling to see everyone crush their goals!


Goal Ideas for 2022


Need help getting started brainstorming goals? Here are a few to help get you started!

1. Invest in Education 
There are many opportunities in the floral industry for continued education. SAF, AIFD, Slow Flowers Summit, Spark Design Series, and Sweet Honey Workshops, are all great resources to start learning new skills and trends in the industry. Many workshops have moved virtually, this can be a great opportunity for you and your team to learn something new! Visit our Educators page to see more influencers in the industry you can learn from!

2. Take Time To Breathe
It is hard to think about relaxation when you just want to get your tasks done! You do not want to get burnt out halfway through 2022. Take the time to think about your mental health and physical health. We have a great blog of ideas to help prevent burnout for you and your team! 

3. Become More Involved in Your Community (Local & Flower)
A great goal for 2022 is to become more involved! Petal it Forward is a great way to start incorporating flowers into your community. Establish a relationship with other local businesses to provide floral decor or to simply leave your business cards at the front desk! A mutual relationship can go a long way in a local community. 

If you would like to get more involved in the flower community, there are many Facebook Groups to connect florists from around the globe (Hint: Follow Details Flowers- Flower & Event Community). Traveling to conventions is also a great way to meet other florists and learn a new skill or two! 

4. Evaluate Pricing Strategy
If one of your goals is to generate more revenue for your business, the best place to start is to evaluate your pricing strategy. Charge your worth! Do not undercharge for your services anymore. In Details, we can help you charge appropriately for your designs and help you make a profit! 

5. Invest in Building a Brand
Social media is ever-changing. Practices that were used a decade ago are no longer applicable. Building a brand on social media is a sure way to get your name out to prospective clients. Instagram and Pinterest are the top social sites that brides are looking for their florists. Take the time to create fun content for your audience that sets you apart. Be yourself! Post about your daily office activities, create Reels to boost your engagement and share your past events. Your older clients will love the continued support of sharing their special day.  


Is one of your main goals of 2022 to get organized on the backend of your business? That's what we're here to help with! Try an exploratory 7-day free trial of Details Flowers Software and check out all of our features that will help you easily manage your inventory, build recipes, create events, price your designs, and so much more!

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