An Interview With The Creators of Spark Design Series

by Details Flowers ● 18 January ● News & Events

We're ecstatic to be a part of this year's Spark Design Series event at Walt Disney World Orlando Resort on March 14th and 15th! We had a great time interviewing the Spark Design Series creators to learn more about the event for those interested in attending!

Spark Design Series: Who’s looking for a creative escape?


"Join us in Walt Disney World, Florida, this March with the help of Details Flowers as we work through event industry roadblocks. This immersive design experience will lay the groundwork that you need to flow through the many event layers, be profitable, and rejuvenate your creative spirit!

While clients are asking for so much more now, they want us to push our creative limits!  And as exciting as that sounds, it can also be very overwhelming when working against budget constraints and creativity drain. And that’s where Spark Design Series comes in.

While most floral workshops focus solely on production, with the help of our Creative Guides, our program focuses on the creative and business processes of bringing immersive events to life from start to finish!  We cover topics such as selling, recipe with our sponsors Details Flowers and DVFLORA, design boards, sketching for sales, rigging, and even dive into technical production with draping and lighting with our sponsor Chauvet!

During our days together at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Attendees will be conceptualizing their events, focusing on planning and ultimately selling layered events.  Our Guides will give our participants the tools and guidance to complete their tasks while having fun by going out and exploring the Disney Parks!  

In addition to working on our events, we will be getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Disney Events Group, where they make their event magic happen!  We’ll top off the entire experience by getting knee-deep in flowers and creating some floral magic of our own!"


Q + A with the Spark Creators, Corinne Sebesta Sisti and Jennifer Reed

image-Jan-18-2022-04-11-54-67-PMWhy did you pick Disney World for the Spark Design Series?

Everywhere you go in Disney, whether in the Parks or the Resorts, you are surrounded by what they want you to experience!  The smells, sounds, sights, and tastes tell a story that is meant to engage all of your senses and completely captivate you.

How is your workshop unique?

Since there are many aspects to the creation/sale process, we approach the educational component differently by starting sessions via Zoom to keep the program hands-on and interactive. Attendees will be able to use their newly learned knowledge and encouraged to use these tools to begin the creative process even before they've arrived.  

What do you want attendees to learn from the workshop?

First, we want them to be more confident in the entire event selling process from concept to creation!

Second, we want our attendees to explore and be inspired by how good design involves all of your senses.  We want them to walk away with how these details can be layered into their own event experiences, and honestly, we want you to have FUN doing it!  

Who is the workshop designed for?

It is designed for floral designers, planners, stylists, caterers… basically, anyone in the event industry looking to further the client experience and understand the significant elements of putting together a truly immersive event.

What are you the most excited about?

Honestly, we are the most excited about conceptualizing the events with the attendees.  It will be so much fun seeing all the ideas they come up with and working together to conceptualize them with our creative guides using; mood boards and sketching.  

E405BC08-F7D4-4DA0-9CCE-94939FC1CFE0What is a Creative Guide?

It was essential to call our “instructors” Creative Guides because they are leading our attendees and helping them explore the critical elements to create the perfect event!  They are leaders in our industry, and they will be demystifying; how to present your ideas to a client, what to charge, and ultimately how to sell it. 

Tell us more about the Disney Event Group Tour?

One of the most extraordinary things that we will be doing during our time together is meeting the creative geniuses behind the Disney Meetings and Events Group.  Once on-site, our attendees will be treated to a behind-the-scenes VIP tour of the Disney Event Group, which includes the flower department, specialty costuming, the media group...This is the place that all the EVENT MAGIC happens!

When is the date?

MARCH 14TH + 15TH, 2022

How do you Register?

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