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How Has Details Helped You? A Testimonial.

We have many wonderful clients around the world and sometimes we're lucky enough to hear from them about what they like about the Details Flowers platform and how it's helped their business. Deidre & Casey Ellis from Poppie's Florist in Crossville, TN wrote this testimonial about how using Details changed the way they do business and the positive effects it's had for them. Thanks Diedre & Casey for the kind words!

How Has Details Helped You? A Testimonial.

Here is a sweet testimony from Brandy Ferrer of Simply Beautiful Flowers & More about how utilizing Details Flowers Software has helped her business! Thank you for sharing this with us Brandy and for the kind words!

As a busy florist, I have many aspects of the business to keep organized and under control.  One aspect of the floral design business that is very important to my success is weddings. 

A Caribbean Nights Corporate Event

Details Belli Fiori Floral InspirationNothing says "weekend" like this Caribbean Nights event by Belli Fiori Floral & Event Design at Kipp St. Louis. 🌴This sophisticated corporate event came together beautifully beginning with bright inspiration and of course, Details!

Are you a flower junkie?

What's a "Flower Junkie"? “A Flower Junkie is an individual continually learning about floral design while striving to find the most beautiful blooms God bestows to create and share original works of floral art”, says Amy Lynne Dunlap creator of FlowerJunkieJourney.com If you’re looking for some behind the scenes tips about the floral world. You will enjoy Amy’s book titled, The Flower Junkie Journey!

There's Nothing Holding You Back


When I started in my career search so many years ago, I really didn’t know what I wanted from this life.  Like many young people, I was floating along and searching for the “perfect job” that pays the bills and made me feel good.

As a creative, it’s not a coincidence that I landed in the floral industry right out of college.  I knew someday I would become a floral designer and produce gorgeous weddings featured in all the big magazines.  After two years of answering phones and sending orders, I was anxious to finally design so I asked my employer to move me to the design floor.  To my surprise, he told me to put my design dreams to rest. He said I was better suited taking orders by phone.

As Precious As A Pearl

Now is the time to take a moment and just enjoy a lovely conversation with the witty and delightful owner/designer of The Pearl Petal.  With a passionate mission to reach people and truly desirous of the devotion and virtues of relationships, Stephanie O'Quin (yes that's only one "n") is a remarkable lady!  Find out how a trip to Italy after college and spending time with a special Italian Wedding Designer, followed by some USA floral greats led her to the awesome decision to take the PLUNGE!! Hence how she found the pearl - The Pearl Petal.


Rose Webb Photography

Let's meet Stephanie O'Quin!

I started working to create The Pearl Petal in 2013 with the mission to reach people who are in need of beautiful floral for any event!

Here is a little history of my floral journey: my education in and passion for floral design began in high school and throughout college;  I had the opportunity to work with event committees which helped me hone my creative destiny of floral design. After graduating college I moved to Italy for a short time where I met and grew under the instruction of Italian Wedding Designer, Martina Trombacco. Upon arrival back to the States, I ventured into the vast world of floras and foliage! I had the opportunity to work with, design for and learn from professional and talented companies such as Dr. Delphinium, InteriorScape and GRO Design.

Now, The Pearl Petal is a flourishing company full of professionalism and devotion.

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them” - Henry Matisse

As Sweet as Honeysuckle

There are some wonderful traits that seem to be inherent to floral designers.  Let's see creative, lovers of nature, finding joy in the beauty of just about everything!  Talented with a love of flowers, and usually an entrepreneurial spirit with some effervescence added!  Just like this sweet story of Shelley from Honeysuckle Events. She's also a lover of her two special yorkies Winston and Weezie and you know what we really love, she still stops to smell the roses (garden, I'm thinking)!! I know you're already thinking how much you'd like to meet her so let's get ready to check out this sweet designer of Honeysuckle Events.

What inspired you to start Honeysuckle Events?

The 5 C's of Arizona  Copper, Cotton, Citrus, Cattle, Climate

I first met Cheryl Denham, owner of Arizona Family Florist, at the Society of American Florists event in Maui in 2016.  I was immediately struck by her friendly, outgoing personality and her playful nature. We had a lot of fun.  It was nice to see her 5 months later at the SAF Congressional Action Days in D.C. while presenting to their Retail Councils, of which she sits on the board.  It's always nice to see a familiar face, and Cheryl was both friendly and complimentary.  It was after this meeting in D.C. that she and her team began implementing Details Flowers Software into their business in Phoenix, Arizona.    Getting to know Cheryl and her team has been a treat, and after talking with their team, I realized that their flower company was unlike a lot of event design firms that we work with.  Not only do they create outstanding events, but they also have a successful traditional retail house and a wholesale marketplace open to the public.  

As we continue to grow our network, we are fond of those florists that have embraced and encouraged their flower friends to utilize our software.   We were excited to sit down with Cheryl Denham and the wonderful team at Arizona Family Florists to learn more about what they do and how they do it! 


House of Redd's Floral Design Atelier

Meet this week's Featured Florist, Tonga Christy!  Brides are swooning over her beautiful designs and breathtaking arrangements and bouquets! We are excited to share her blooming story!

See more at House of Redd's Floral Design Atelier!

What is your business name and how did you come up with it?

House of Redd’s Floral Design Atelier Tonga (pronounced Tawn-ja). With our last name being Redd, my husband and I began "The House". Being creative with a love for flowers and design, we knew that floral design had to be a part of the name, then living just south of Baton Rouge (Cajun Country) in Louisiana we warmed to the word Atelier meaning "shop" in French.

What do you love most about your city and events that you create?

Prairieville is a quiet rural community. We began as a small family owned retail shop. When we started growing we decided to leave retail, choosing to design special events and weddings. We have a passion for people, flowers, décor, planning and design. We delight, enjoy and hold close the relationships that we develop with our brides and families and those special people that allow us to share in the special moments in their lives. 

House of Redds .jpg

What do you love most about the wedding floral industry?

Flowers, Brides, more flowers and more Brides! I love it all. I love all the varieties of flowers and the process that brings them from the wholesaler to the finished design. I love being involved in all aspects and was just invited to become a member of Nina Ricci Bride. I love getting to know our Brides and finding out what they are dreaming of for their special day and then creating it.

What do you hate most about the floral industry?

I really dislike that we don’t have the ability to get what we would like and that the shipping costs are sometimes ridiculous. We always seem to have all the same flowers and I would like to see the ability to get unique and different flowers that are not what everyone else is using, at a cost that is not out of our ability to include it in the design.


What are your biggest daily challenges and how do you overcome them?

Sometimes I am challenged by The Knot requirements; needing to reply in a timely manner, no response brides, shopper brides. Things that take lots of time with little ROI. Trying not to give so much information away that it can be used to DIY or by someone else. Brides sometimes don’t understand all that goes into the design and flowers. I try to use my instincts and wisdom.