Valentine's Day Floral Retail Spotlight: Simply Beautiful Floral Company

by Details Flowers ● 22 February ● Designers

Valentine's Day has arrived, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than by recognizing our outstanding florists who are on the front lines during the holidays. We interviewed customers who operated a retail space and got the inside scoop of their operations during a busy floral holiday. 

Simply Beautiful Floral Company, Gilmer, Texas


Simply Beautiful Floral Company, located in Gilmer, Texas, has operated its retail establishment for five years and continues to provide high-quality service with each design enriched with heart and soul. We had a wonderful conversation with the owner, Brandy Ferrer, all about their daily operations and how they prepare for the busy Valentine's season! 

Ideas start by taking a look at last year's Valentine's sales and spending forecast. Brandy takes time to research trends for style and color in the new designs. 


"I create my own menu of designs. I am an independent florist and do not take orders from order gatherers. Every design is created in-house. I actually use my Details Software to help me calculate prices, stem counts, and budget for all of my Valentine’s Day arrangements!  It helps keep me from overspending, and also allows me to print a recipe for my designers, which allows for uniformity and consistency in the designs!"


Simply Beautiful offers a wide choice of gift options, including flower arrangements, gift baskets, and plants. There is truly something for everyone! To keep the staff morale high, Brandy provides lunch and dinner for those long design days. Bonuses are given as a surprise for all of their hard work poured into making the holiday so memorable for their customers.  

Merchandising Q & A


How do you style your retail store?

In general, my 100+-year-old building has been remodeled in an industrial style with a neutral color palette.  Her century-old wooden rafters are exposed, and we have warm led lighting throughout, with an industrial farmhouse chandelier with Edison bulbs in the center of the showroom.

For holidays, I do not waste tons of money on “decor”- the products for the holiday serve as decoration in the store.  I spent money on a stylish balloon arch this year and I have gotten so many compliments.


Do you let your merchandise lead your styling or do you have a clear plan in mind to purchase specific pieces to build your store around?

I think both my merchandise and my store reflect my style- it’s the way I would decorate and it is filled with things I would want to buy!  They inspire each other, I guess you would say!


Do you have a variety of merchandise available for your clients to purchase? (i.e candles, or other gift options)

I have developed my own coffee brand, as well as my own line of candles. I am picky with quality and presentation/packaging, so I would rather create it myself than search for it in another brand.  We also carry greeting cards, personal care, and spa products, as well as decor from Texas artists.  Funeral work is also a huge part of my business, so we carry lots of religious and sympathy keepsake items.  I also carry some home decor, men’s gifts, and lots of plants!

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