Customer Spotlight: Simply Beautiful Flowers & More

by Details Flowers ● 18 May ● Designers

Here is a sweet testimony from Brandy Ferrer of Simply Beautiful Flowers & More about how utilizing Details Flowers Software has helped her business! Thank you for sharing this with us, Brandy, and for the kind words!

How Has Details Helped You? A Testimonial

As a busy florist, I have many aspects of the business to keep organized and under control.  One aspect of the floral design business that is very important to my success is weddings. 

Before I found Details Flowers Software, I was piecing proposals with Microsoft Excel and clip art pictures. It would take me hours, and even my best efforts could not make it look how I wanted it to be.  I wouldn't say I liked creating a quote for a bride, and I would always second guess my calculations, flower and greenery choices, and overall prices because I didn't have a system or way to stay organized.  Truthfully, the client was not always impressed with my proposal, nor could we come to a singular vision for what she wanted for her big day. It was very frustrating and time-consuming. 


Since I started using Details Flowers Software, my success rate for booking clients has been 95%. The bride is now blown away by the breathtaking Details Flowers proposal, inspirational photos, and color palette that I can create with the software. The bride has often admitted to booking with me over someone else solely because of the proposal I created for her! It is also a huge relief to deliver flowers to a bride, knowing that they look exactly how she wants them to look because we had visual and flower choices in her proposal. 

Details Simply Beautiful Flowers & More Florist Feature

Every time I build a new proposal for a bride, I can also add recipes to my recipe library, making it easier to add those recipes to new proposals in the future! It means less work on my part! I know I am never under or overcharging a client since the software helps me calculate stem counts and overall prices for each item I create.  These recipes also give my employees a guide and visual to follow as they build an arrangement for an event.


Thanks to Details Flowers Software, I am booked almost every weekend through 2019.  This software is a tool that I will never go without again!  Instead of competing with other florists for the wedding business, I AM the competition! - Brandy Ferrer, Simply Beautiful Flowers & More Images by Ryan Jordan Photography.

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