Top 5 Proposal Must-Have’s to Wow Every Bride

How do you wow every bride?  Well, you spend a reasonable amount of time getting to know their unique styles and personalities, and then you give that back to them in an impressive presentation to win their business- every time.  We think these top 5 tips will help woo those clients and keep them knocking on your door.  

PersonalizationpersonalizationIncluding personal features will take your proposal to the next level. The bride will know you listened to her and considered her wants. An easy way to accomplish this is to draft your initial worksheet with your client so they can look at your recipes and review inspirational images with you. In Details, we even have a feature that allows you to hide all of your cost information from view so that you can do this without worrying about the client seeing your cost and/or markups!

Color Palette2-Jan-16-2024-07-02-47-1167-PMDisplaying the colors your client chose to theme their event in the proposal is a nice touch. Setting the tone within the proposal is a great way to show the client that you listened to what they asked for, and using the theme colors in the proposal will make yours stand out with elegance.

Use the Details Color Picker to select the event colors from inspiration photos and include complimentary colors to expand the palette! 

1-Jan-16-2024-07-02-46-8297-PMProposal Suggestions

Large Blog Images-Jan-16-2024-09-15-00-9031-PMEverybody appreciates the option to choose exactly what they want. Giving your clients multiple options and price ranges is a great way to boost your proposal and sales!

In Details, you can set up multiple options for every item. This is a great way to up-sell clients by showcasing some of your more elaborate designs and giving the client options.  

Impressive Visuals

Large Blog Images-Jan-16-2024-09-17-36-5693-PMMany elements make a proposal beautiful, such as inspirational photos, layout, font type, and size. Getting those elements right will make your proposal visually pleasing and help you stand out from the competition!

Using the Details proposal templates is a quick and easy way to build a stellar design with minimal effort. You must pick the template you want to work with and enter the content to fill it out!

Professional Touch

contractterms-1Every proposal needs to be professional. That means tying all your visuals together and including robust contract terms, clearly itemized prices and payment schedules, and all the event details. Professionalism in your proposals is having the entire package put together with elegance and concision.

Details is an all-in-one solution to help you deliver those professional proposals. We've covered you, from the visuals to the financials to the contract terms. Your clients can even accept and sign proposals online!

As a financially savvy business partner, we’ll make it easy for you to create beautiful, professional proposals every time to wow every bride.

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