Details University Presents: Blooms, Branding, and Beyond with CeCe Todd

by Details Flowers ● 23 February ● News & Events, Partners

For our February Details University Speaker, we have the Queen of Pink, CeCe Todd, joining us to share how to create your brand identity. During this exclusive session, CeCe will dive into the essential elements contributing to shaping a brand identity that stands out and shows off your creative vision. If you were unable to join us this month. Here is a recap of our session!

If you know CeCe, then you know hot pink is her brand! However, that was not always the case. CeCe initially envisioned her brand with bold, hot pink branding—reflecting her vibrant personality. However, she was advised that such a choice might not resonate well within the wedding industry. This pivotal moment led CeCe to a realization: her brand essence was found in embracing what truly made her stand out. 

One of the core messages CeCe emphasized was the importance of listening to where your heart leads. She highlighted that it's never too late to explore new avenues and fully embrace your passions. CeCe's journey emphasized the significance of authenticity. She shared that making an impact often comes from being genuinely yourself. It's about staying true to your essence and letting your unique qualities shine through.

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For many, uncertainty about their brand direction is entirely normal. CeCe reassured attendees that finding your brand groove takes time and exploration. It's essential to understand the industry landscape before diving in headfirst. As life evolves, so does your brand. CeCe shared her transformation into "CeCe the Mom," where her priorities shifted. She highlighted the importance of evolving with authenticity, allowing your brand to grow alongside you. CeCe's journey from "CeCe Designs" to "CeCe Designs Weddings and Events" showcased the evolution of her brand identity. She emphasized the need to understand yourself fully—your strengths, weaknesses, and what makes you exceptional.

CeCe encouraged all aspiring florists and creatives to embrace what makes them special. Never shy away from your weaknesses; instead, showcase your strengths proudly. Your brand reflects your essence, so let it shine brightly. Let CeCe's words serve as a guiding light: be authentically you, embrace your uniqueness, and watch your brand flourish!

About CeCe Todd

February 2024 (1)-1Self-proclaimed queen of pink, CeCe Todd, is an award-winning and renowned floral designer and third-generation entrepreneur. Her company, CeCe Designs, has enjoyed features with InStyle Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart, Modern Luxury, Southern Bride, and Magnolia Rouge, among others. Both entertaining and talented, CeCe’s style and attention to detail has allowed her to become one of America’s leading floral designers and industry leaders. Her extensive client list includes Kevin Hart, Ariana Grande, Journey, NFL, and MLB players, and many more.  

CeCe was featured on the hit TV competition show, Table Wars on HGTV.  She has been invited to share her expertise on the national stage at such prolific events as Wedding MBA, The Special Event + Catersource, Fleursociety Summit, and The David Tutera Experience. CeCe’s passion for teaching the next generation of floral designers led her to found the CeCe School Online Membership group, and she hosts multiple hands-on workshops each year. 

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