Representing Details Flowers at the 2024 South Dakota Florist Association Conference

by Details Flowers ● 12 March ● News & Events, Partners

We had the opportunity to have one of our flower friends and dedicated Details Member, Carrie Moore, of Jenny's Floral in Custer, South Dakota, represent us at the South Dakota Florist Association Annual Conference! We love helping support industry events, especially state associations where florists can network and grow with their local flower community. Since the Details Team was attending the Great Lakes Floral Association, Carrie wrote about her experience representing Details at the South Dakota Show!

My time as a “Details girl” came to life at the beginning of March as I got to represent the company at the South Dakota Florist Association Annual Conference. This year’s conference was held in Pierre, S.D., with ten vendors and over sixty guests.

Having been a Details customer for over a year and getting to know the ladies behind the brand, I knew Corrine highly values supporting the floral industry in all aspects. I approached her shortly after Christmas about having a booth at our conference to help spread the word about Details. There are many event florists here in South Dakota and the region, many of whom I thought would greatly benefit from the service.

As I expected, Corrine agreed without hesitation! And while she was sad she couldn’t attend herself – there are many other state conferences and floral events happening simultaneously – she asked me to step in to represent Details.

The reception to Details was great – as were the ring lights, chapstick, and pens (SEXY PENS, as they became known)! A few florists knew about the software and how it worked. The ones who didn’t were impressed that it seemed to have everything they would need in one platform. The one thing no one knew was just how much education Details offers. From monthly webinars and video classes to monthly how-tos and everything in between, Details has something for every florist.


I was excited to be able to talk about how Details supports the floral industry with its educational offerings. But I was proud to be able to say how Corrine and Details are collaborating with floral schools to bring in technology and educational standards to students, building up the future of floriculture. Details is also spending money to support our industry, knowing they might not get an immediate or huge return.

I also got to talk about Details’ new pricing plan – which I just learned about! There are different levels in their growth plan, with the first level starting at only $25 a month. These different level plans allow florists to use Details without a huge commitment. The level and prices increase once they become more familiar and more events are added to their lineup. This was a great feature for the florists I spoke with this weekend. Since we are in a rural area, not everyone does huge events, but they still need help putting proposals and recipes together. In addition to being a cost-efficient way to get into Details, this is a great way to save time and effort and make more money!!!

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I cannot thank Details enough for supporting the South Dakota Florist Association at our annual conference and allowing me to represent a company that does so much for our industry!

A huge thank you to Carrie for representing us! Make sure to follow Jenny's Floral, and if you are interested in learning more about the South Dakota Floral Association, visit their website!

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