Details University Presents: Behind the Blooms, Meet Kay’s Flower School

by Details Flowers ● 15 March ● News & Events, Partners

We had the pleasure of having Janette & Deirdre of Kay's Flower School as our Details University Speakers for March! They shared the stories and lessons from their remarkable 37-year journey of training florists and shaping floral educationIf you did not have a chance to join our class this month--here is what you missed!

About Kay's Flower School

Kay's Flower School started by, you guessed it, Kay herself! Florist Kay O Rourke began this journey in 1987. Faced with the challenge of staff recruitment, Kay embarked on a mission to cultivate interest in the floral industry by initiating a florist training program. As the school flourished, it earned acclaim as the premier destination for budding florists seeking to make their mark in the field.

Janette, Kay’s daughter, quickly joined the ranks, and with the sale of Kays Florist, both Janette and Kay devoted themselves to elevating the flower school to international acclaim. Deirdre, another daughter with a background in adult education, joined the Kays team full-time, infusing a fresh perspective and spearheading a rebranding for the flower school. Although Kay retired in 2010, her presence and support remain whenever Janette and Deirdre are in need! Another sister, Sinéad, helps with all of the behind-the-scenes action, so this is truly a family affair! 

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In 2020, Kay’s Flower School transformed significantly, transitioning from traditional classroom-based instruction to a fully virtual online training platform. Throughout this transition, participants in the online flower courses experienced the same immersive, hands-on learning environment as they would in a physical classroom, all from the comfort of their own homes, no matter where they were in the world.

What is offered at Kay's Flower School?

There are certification courses available for all florist skill levels! Below are the courses currently offered:

  • Module 1: This course is perfect for beginners to learn the fundamental skills of floristry.
  • Module 2: This course will teach the art of hand ties bouquets, sympathy stylings, and flower arranging. 
  • Module 3: This course teaches how to book and execute weddings as a florist.
  • Module 4: The last course will show the students how to transform spaces with large installations. 

There are even courses offered for hobby florists, so there is something for everyone! We got a sneak peek into the future module course at Kay's Flower School! Sustainability is a hot topic in the industry. Soon, you can take Module 5, which is all about sustainable techniques for florists. Stay tuned to learn more information about this upcoming course!

Kay's Flower School provides materials and resources for there students. Active students will receive fresh products sent to them if they are in Ireland or in the UK. In other parts of the world, there is a dedicated directory with trusted suppliers where you can connect with them to get all of the products needed for your classes. 

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During the session, we talked about many fabulous resources for you to check out! Kay's Flower School has a podcast, The Flower School Podcast, where they interview many leaders in our industry. Most recently, our friend, Tyler Keeno, was featured on an episode--click here to listen! 

At Kay's Flower School, they teach collaboration over competition. There are plenty of events to go around, but there aren't that many of us florists, so we have to stick together and make sure our industry grows! Kay's has a community on Facebook that shares thoughts, inspiration, and fun. To join in, follow Kay’s Flower School - Flowery Fun Group!

About Janette & Deirdre

kays (1)Meet dynamic sister duo Janette & Deirdre from Kays Flower School, Dublin, Ireland. With a legacy of training florists across Ireland for 37 years, their commitment to the art of floristry is unparalleled. When the challenges of the COVID pandemic arose, they fearlessly transformed their traditional school into a virtual powerhouse, reaching enthusiasts globally.

Janette, the face of their online platform, is renowned for her authentic Irish charm and no-nonsense training approach. With her belief in laying solid foundations, she empowers florists to reach any level of expertise. Her experience witnessing floral trends ebb and flow over the decades solidifies her belief in the timeless importance of mastering the basics.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, Deirdre is the organizational backbone and technical wizard supporting the duo. With a background in adult education, she meticulously designs innovative floristry programs, ensuring every student receives a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Together, Janette and Deirdre are revolutionizing the floral education landscape, bringing their wealth of experience and passion to the forefront of the global market.

If you weren't able to join the class, click the link below to request access to the Live Replay of the March Details University Class: Behind the Blooms with Kay's Flower School!Large Buttons-Mar-13-2024-08-23-33-4435-PM




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