Caribbean Dream: Customer Spotlight Featuring Dreamy Weddings

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What was once labeled uncommon is quickly becoming mainstream. After all, why get married somewhere that doesn't excite you? Instead, choose a place that will leave an unforgettable impression on you and your guests-- and create lasting memories for years to come! According to Travel Statistics for 2020, the top three locations for destination weddings outside the continental US are the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. 

Just picture it-- the lush white sand between your toes, the warm Caribbean breeze, and the beautiful, crystal blue, water in the distance. What more could you ask for in an island paradise? Details friend and user, Natalie John, the CEO of Dreamy Weddings, provided us with insight into how she makes destination weddings a reality.

Traveling to the Caribbean is much more than just dipping your toes in the sands of the many beautiful beaches or sampling traditional foods unavailable back home. More than that, it's about interacting with the natural world on these islands, which has largely been conserved. Two hours south of Miami, Florida is the island of St. Kitts and Nevis, where the picturesque views are perfect for a wedding ceremony. The southern Caribbean's lesser-known but magnificent twin islands are breathtaking.

Couples seeking a blend of resort relaxation and stunning scenery with a dash of adventure and history may find St. Kitts and Nevis appealing. St. Kitts is the more outgoing sibling, with the most restaurants, cafes, and hotels to choose from. Nevis, a beautiful and verdant island, exemplifies the grandeur that has been synonymous with the Caribbean.


Get To Know Dreamy Weddings

Founded in 1999, Dreamy Weddings has branched to thirteen Caribbean locations to help serve the destination and local clientele. Dreamy Weddings have been recognized as an A-List Wedding Planner designation by Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine in 2010, Caribbean Wedding Planner and Off-Site Wedding Planner of the Year 2018/2019 by Caribbean Wedding Industry Awards, and, in 2019, won the St. Kitts Business Excellence Awards by the St. Kitts Tourism Authority.

Not only do Dreamy Weddings provide services to international clientele, but they also serve the local population, as well. From Corporate Events to Galas--if you are in the market for a planner in the area--Dreamy Weddings is the way to go! 


"Dreamy Weddings is the leading destination wedding planner based in the Caribbean island of St Kitts. The company specializes in destination wedding planning and scenic tours for the beautiful Caribbean islands of Antigua, Aruba, Anguilla, Barbados, Belize, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St Lucia, and St Maarten. As your destination wedding planner of choice Dreamy Weddings can offer customized ceremonies, including church weddings, cruise weddings, weddings at sea, garden weddings, waterfall weddings, beach weddings, or a wedding at a private villa. Dreamy offers full-service planning, from ceremony to reception, including transportation from your hotel or cruise ship to the wedding location and back.

However, before you visit your wedding destination, Dreamy Weddings can help you plan your special day, and if you decide to honeymoon and spend a few more days on the island, can arrange tours to various natural and historical attractions on the islands." (Dreamy Weddings)

What could be better than having someone else do the heavy lifting for you? All you will have to do is arrive in paradise and the Dreamy Team will take care of the rest! From Group Wedding Packages, Vow Renewal, to Event Management Dreamy Weddings offers numerous event packages to suit everyone's needs.


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Dreamy Weddings has standing relationships with the local resorts. Establishing strong relationships with local venues and hotels is so important to build the destination clientele. If you are interested in starting a partnership with a venue, Natalie recommends starting by building a portfolio of your work and having a social media presence. Everyone starts small--event if you do not have events to show, styled shoots are a great way to highlight your creativity! At the preliminary meeting with a venue, bring them a sample of your work as a keepsake. Going the extra mile for the initial meeting will build respect and confidence that they can refer clients to you. 


About Natalie John, CEO of Dreamy Weddings


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Born and raised in Saint Lucia, she studied Commerce, Finance, and Marketing at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Natalie continues to innovate, finding new ways to pamper discerning couples, assist corporate groups in planning Caribbean events, and helping island tourism officials develop creative strategies to remain competitive.

In addition to being a certified wedding specialist, she is a Chartered Governance Professional with the Chartered Governance Institute of Canada and a trained florist with experience in securities, tourism marketing, and export credit.

In 2020 she founded the Caribbean Wedding and Events Professionals, (CWEP) a non-profit, regional organization that represents Caribbean professionals and business entities. As a regional champion for event industry excellence, she created CWEP as a platform for industry professionals to network, leverage their creativity, and grow.


As part of Romance and Black History Month celebrations in February, Natalie launched her first book, "Covid-19 Protocols Guide for Weddings & Events" on February 23, 2021, in both paperback and Kindle formats, which are available on Amazon. The new publication has received many reviews as the “go-to” industry handbook that provides standard guidelines of operation that event professionals should follow to ensure the health and safety of guests, employees, vendors, and the community. Throughout the pandemic, John's recognition as a regional and international advocate for the weddings and events industry continues to grow as she demonstrates leadership, resilience, and creativity.

The Dreamy Group now includes Dreamy Weddings & Tours Inc., Dreamy Floral & Decor Bar Ltd., Dreamy Proposals, and Dreamy Rentals.

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