The Sunflower Madness Contest Winner Spotlight: Brandy Ferrer

The first Sunflower Madness Contest with our partner Ball SB was an absolute success! Thank you to all of the florists who participated and everyone who took the time to cast their votes. The contest winner is the owner of Simply Beautiful Flower Co., Brandy Ferrer! Her design is a beautiful representation of the resilience of the people of Ukraine. The Sunflower is the National Flower of Ukraine, it is only fitting to have it honored through this contest.

"I created this floral art in honor of Ukraine. The floral crown my daughter is wearing is a traditional Ukrainian vinok, and the sunflower holds a special place in the hearts of the Ukrainian people.

I may not be a soldier that can fight alongside the Ukrainian people, but art is powerful, and I can contribute in that way." 

She took to her Instagram to thank all of those who helped make her vision come to life!


"I am so happy, and to all who voted and shared to help me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only did your votes make me the winner, but it also helped me share the power of flowers.

To the fierce competitors in the contest- I am blessed to be able to design and create magic with you. I have such respect for all of you, and this win is truly humbling.

To Ace Berry @aceberryaifd there are no words. You are my flower Yoda, and I am so thankful for all your lessons, inspiration, and encouragement.

To Details Flowers Software @detailsflowers - thank you for holding this contest and shining a spotlight on some amazing designers.

To BallsSB @ballsbcutflowers your beautiful sunflowers were a joy to work with, and I look forward to using them in my designs again!

To Patty, Cali, Ruth, and Lacy (the Simply Beautiful Gang)- thank you for your patience and love, thank you for being my sounding board, and thank you for being my cheerleaders.


To Ryan Jordan Photography - thank you, Ryan, for using your amazing, God-given talents to capture my artwork.

To Hills Wholesale Flowers- thank you for the amazing flowers and greenery that played a supporting role in my design. Your flowers and the entire team are top-notch, and I love working with you every day.

To my beautiful daughter, Nevah- you are my precious angel, my muse. I love being able to share these crazy projects with you.

To Urban Local Clothing- thanks to Andrea for letting us use part of your space. It may seem like a small gesture to you, but it meant so much to me. Raven, thank you for keeping Nevah and me company and helping with hair and makeup. I love my fellow boss babes!

And to my husband, thank you for always supporting me and helping me in my endeavors. No matter what I need, you are always there to help. I appreciate everything you do, and I love you so much."

Sunflower Madness Bracket-2

We congratulate Brandy on her success and cannot wait to see what she designs with her new Bradley Sunflowers! Follow Brandy on Instagram and check out the behind-the-scenes at Simply Beautiful Flower Co. in our Retail Spotlight Blog!

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