Mother's Day Preparation Tips

by Details Flowers ● 8 April ● Tips & Tricks

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it is time to start prepping if you have not done so already. Here are just a few tips to help you get started and have the most profitable Mother's Day yet! 

Past Numbers Tell All


Take a look at the last Mother’s Day numbers to see where you could improve for this coming year. You will not want to include items this year that did not do as well in the past. If you notice a particular design style doing well in your findings, this is a great time to take that design to the next level for this year's customers!

Include any staffing and labor costs associated with preparing for the holiday. It would not hurt to look into how much your utilities were for that holiday month. Anticipating all of these factors when creating a budget for Mother's Day is essential when you want to maximize your profitability. 

Take Inventory of Your Current Hard Good Selection


What do you need to order from your supplier? The last thing you would want to do is over-buy a specific item that you already had plenty of in stock. It is a great practice to take inventory throughout the year continuously, so it is not a massive headache when a large floral holiday comes around. Your supplier would like the orders early as well! They do get pretty busy around the holidays. 

There are different Market events throughout the year in different regions of the United States. It would be a great idea to plan a time to visit the Market to find unique pieces for your inventory from suppliers around the country. The vendors at these events are a wealth of knowledge. Do not be afraid to ask for advice on how to sell certain products--you may find a method that you weren't familiar with! When ordering, find vessels that will catch the eye of your customers. For Mother’s Day, find a balance between beauty, timelessness, and uniqueness; there need to be options for all moms out there!

Find What Flowers and Other Gift Offerings Are Trending 


It is all about self-care in 2022. Bath sets, Skin Care, candles, and aromatherapy are popular gift options. Find someone local in your area that creates their own unique gifts. Many business owners are now collaborating with local artisans to cross-promote their services. Create partnerships with your neighbors to build your local community!

Top flowers for mothers day are Tulips, Lilies, Roses, Daisies, Snap Dragons, Ranunculus, and Peonies. Make sure to put your order requests in early! All of the popular blooms will be in high demand. Do you have a difficult time finding inspiration? Take to Pinterest and Instagram to see how other florists incorporate these blooms into designs. It is always a good practice to credit a designer for inspiration on social media if you find a look you enjoy! 

Potted plants and Succulents are on the rise for gift-giving trends. Plants are known to have a longer lifespan than flowers. Having more options available can give those non-flower-loving moms a chance to get a special gift. Edge Floral and Event Designers advocate for plants as a gift option for the holidays. Take a look at their Retail Feature for more gift offering ideas!


Create a Game Plan


It is time to start creating a solid game plan for you and your team to prepare for Mother's Day! Create 5-7 solid design choices with varying price points. Start photographing these arrangements early so you can add them to your website and promote them on social media. Do not be afraid of the florist's choice arrangements--you will be surprised how well they do! If you want to create gift baskets or bundled items, this is the time! 

Create recipes for employees to create the arrangements for Mother's Day easily. Our Friends at Layfayette Giftshop suggest creating stations for your team so it can be an easier assembly when it comes to the arrangements. Check out their Valentine's Day feature for more ideas on how to make the preparation process stress free! 

Calling All Customers!


Reach out to Customers with your Mother's Day offerings. You can include any special deals you would like to extend. Essential items to add to these client emails would be the prices of the arrangements, your holiday hours, and any cut-off dates for delivery. It would be a fun idea to offer gift cards or discounts for moms to use in your store--like a Treat Yourself gift! This goes beyond the traditional ideal of a spouse or child giving the gift. Send the emails to your customers a few weeks and the week of Mother's Day. This way, you can appeal to the planners and the last-minute gift-givers! 

As Mother's Day approaches, remember to take time to give yourself and your team some grace during this hectic holiday. We have a blog dedicated to how you and your team can decompress and defeat burnout

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