Featured Florist

Janna Brown Design: Defining Excellence
Meet our Featured Florist, Janna Brown. Owner of Janna Brown Design Co, located in beautiful Nashville, Tennesse. Visit her website to see more of her gorgeous designs! 

For Janna, it is her mission to be a student of all things exquisite: a seeker of beauty, curator of fine details, purveyor of aesthetics and arranger of wild, untamed florals.

Janna travels the world donning her rose-colored glasses, which help her view the exquisite beauty and romance around her. She has worked alongside elephants in the open bush of South Africa, beneath the Eiffel Tower, among the lavender fields in Provence, and atop the grassy peaks in New Zealand. In Janna's own words, "My collective experiences and internal creative compass have my soul yearning for perpetual adventure, beauty and new creations. Having the opportunity to do what I love for a living, at times, leaves me speechless; bringing beautiful moments to fruition is a treasured reward. Let us create something exquisite together and inspire each other to build breathtaking memories."

And exquisite work she does. Janna, your designs take our breath away! Keep reading to learn more about Janna Brown Design...and just try and keep your jaw from dropping. 


Lizzie Bee's Event Florist - There's a lot growing on!

Taking a moment in Texas this morning with the down to earth and spectacular Elizabeth Blanford of Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe and Mechanical Florals!  What...Mechanical Florals? What is Mechanical Floral...just keep reading! What a delightful time with phones ringing, children talking, clients chatting, and flowers blooming.  So is Lizzie and she's got lots growing on...

Always Blooming with Vivid Expressions

Always Blooming is how we sometimes sign our emails, an expression of what we do or how we are feeling.  Currently we are interviewing some of the most fascinating and creative people in the floral industry which allows us to enter into a world of creative hearts. An honor for us and a special place to be! These are people in business who create events and designs which move people into another world that is designed just for them! They are business owners that are full of heart, creativity and care. One of our questions is always how you came up with your business name...so many wonderful stories...and some people just seem to live their names.  So we can’t wait for you to meet Janel Baily-Keene from Vivid Expressions!


The Urban Poppy!  WOW!  We've been admiring the lovely team at Urban Poppy in Savannah, Georgia for months now.  The best in the business, they are leaders in event design and creating a flair for the dramatic.  We love everything about their flawless style.  Jump in with Urban Poppy!

Delightful Diva!

Delightful and Diva don't normally go together but when you meet Studio Flora Diva, Beth Hohenessy (pronounced like "go and see") you will be delighted too!  A true lover of the concept of sharing, caring and trust! Read on and find out how this delightful diva gets it all together, keeps it all together and loves to share! AIFD certified!  Nothing better!

What is your business name and how did you come up with it?

When we decided to start this business we certainly didn't want to go with "Peg's Posey Patch" that wasn't going to work, and being the extroverted woman that I am, the word Diva did come in to play!  That's a name that just happened to fit with me!  We didn't want a retail florist shop more a studio.... and I didn't want the word flowers but flora was perfect!!  So Studio Flora Diva was created.

Botanica International Design Studio

On this week's featured florist, Details Flowers is proud to present Botanica International Design Studio. Since 1989 Botanica has been creating masterpiece's that resonate deeper than the eye perceives.  Since 1989, Botanica has focused their work on the story that tells the event, the experience of planning your event, and the WOW feeling that exceeds all expectations. Be sure to visit Botanica International Design Studios website and Like, Follow, and Share Details Flowers to see more Featured Florists and to keep up to date with whats "blooming" in the floral industry.

Get the Umbrella Tree - It's Raining Roses!

On this weeks Featured Florist, Details Flowers is proud to present Raining Roses Productions. Chicago based designer, Jesus Rodriguez, founded Raining Roses Productions Inc. with his partner Jonathan Panczuk in 2001. With a background in fashion and over 20 years of experience in the floral industry, Raining Roses Productions Inc became an an overnight success and continues to influence market trends today. Throughout his career Jesus has been faithful to the belief that creativity has no limits. By combining his passion for creativity and his incredibly structured approach to design, Jesus and his team are able to produce original works of art that far surpass their customers expectations. Be sure to visit Raining Roses Productions website and Like, Share and Follow Details Flowers for more Featured Florists and to keep up to date with whats "blooming" in the floral industry today.

What is your business name and how did you come up with it? 

We had four partners in the beginning, one named the company and her thinking was... you’ve heard the expression, “when pigs fly”?  She said that we all know pigs don’t fly…but it sure sticks in your mind.  While it may never truly rain roses,  it sure does stick in your mind…..we all agreed!  It’s been Raining Roses now, for 16 years.  Now you know why we needed an Umbrella Tree.

Floralscape For Goodness Sake - it's Fine Line Design!

Little did I know there are some special people in Des Moines, Iowa. They enjoy delightfully designed landscapes which were planned and planted many years ago; there are also some special people who enjoy the same designed "floral-scapes"  from this talented and knowledgeable floral and landscape designer.  Let's take a minute to see how this master landscaper moved into flower design...or was it the flower design gardener who moved into landscape design?  There is a fine line between landscaping and floral design...except when you talk with Meg Steen of Fine Line Design!

Spectacular New York designer has flower magic

When it comes to personality, there is no one bigger than Adam Leffel of Adam Leffel Productions.  I knew from the instant that we first spoke on the phone, that this guy had his act together and was a specialist in his field.  He's won numerous awards, and notably, he has more floral 5 star reviews on WeddingWire than any other single florist in the country! Wow!  He is at the Head of the class-- and he really does amaze & excite our team weekly with his jaw-dropping floral creations.  I'm inspired by his consistency, and the type of clientele that he attracts.  Adam's brides are super savvy, affluent and sophisticated.  They come to him for 'over-the-top' perfection in some of the most fabulous venues in New York City.  What a dream!  Adam Leffel and his production team grace the spaces of some of the most prestigious locations of NYCon a weekly basis.  When it comes to making floral masterpieces, Adam and his team bring it on every single level.

My Floral Bliss and Georgia is on her Mind

Blooming right along we had an opportunity to talk with Holly Cellini of My Floral Bliss, a transplant from California to Georgia where she now creates and services high-end weddings and events.  This California native found herself planted among the peaches after her husband's promotion required a move and has now transitioned from West Coaster to East Coaster.  She has "Georgia" on her mind and maybe, possibly... just a hint of a southern accent. We caught up with her right after winning the "American Flowers Week" contest with the best blooming image celebrating Independence Day!  I invite you to share in Holly's bliss - My Floral Bliss.

Getting to know: Bluegrass Chic; Orlando, Florida

Getting to know the florists that are using Details is such a treat.  I know that our clients are super savvy, sophisticated, up on trends, and in love with flowers.  When I sat down with Michelle Lewis of Bluegrass Chic in Orlando, it was no different.  She is a master with color and such a high appreciation for flowers, that we were instant friends.  I’m always curious how our florists will answer specific industry questions, here’s what she had to say!

First Promotional Video~ Introducing Details Flowers & Corrine Heck

While I sit down to write about what this first promotional video means to me, it is realizing that you can really make a dream happen if you put your heart into it.  How many hours have I spent crafting and working on Details Flowers?  When I tried to think about it, the math came to about 20,000 hours.  My first reaction was, "Is that all?  Seems way more..." (I think it is more).  I also didn't count the time I spent sleeping... probably dreaming and planning about Details and what I had to do next.  I've heard people say nothing great happens overnight, well now I am absolutely sure that it is absolutely true.  And I am confident that Details is really great, so in retrospect, I'm glad it took awhile!

Getting to know: Prema Designs ~ Columbus, OH

We couldn't resist this charming and playful video of why she loves Details and how she spreads the Details love.