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Dot Your I's and Cross Your T's Before Take Off

You just bought a fabulous new outfit and you just can't wait to put it on! You hurry into your bedroom, empty out the shopping bag, and tear off the tag and...riiiiiip. 

Bill Doran Company:  Flower Industry Giant
Building upon experience in both large floral distribution companies and independent flower studios, Details Flowers software is making it easier for florists to manage their time and present their customers with beautiful flower proposals.  We founded our company with the goal of delivering the best software for florists and event designers while streamlining the way they do business. We wanted to create a better way for wedding floral designers to manage the many complex tasks of floral design, leaving the calculating, drafting and procuring to our incredible floral software tool. In turn, this creates more time for artistry and innovation.  We have been working hard to introduce our event florist software to the other industry movers and shakers.  We are very fortunate to have many incredible partners.  One of those trusted business partners is the Bill Doran Company, a wholesaler whose florists are using Details Flowers software to become better marketers and stronger business professionals.  We took some time to discuss the floral industry with Bill Doran Company CEO, Bill LaFever.

Could you share with us some of the history of your company?

My grandfather, Bill Doran, started our company in 1945, in a small portion of a distributors warehouse in Rockford, Illinois.  All the flowers were grown in a 40-mile radius, and they were farm-fresh when they were cut and delivered as the highest quality fresh cut flowers he could provide.  He had one vehicle, and he bought flowers directly from growers and delivered them himself.  It's always been a priority to provide florists and event designers with the highest quality of not only products but the service needed for our clients to succeed.


on the road with bill doran

Wholesalers that Lead: Kennicott Brothers & Nordlie

Details Flowers, a premier florist software is proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Kennicott Brothers & Nordlie, midwestern flower wholesalers who have been thriving for nearly a century and a half. Working together, our brands will be able to facilitate the day-to-day operations of many florists and event designers. In addition our alliance will help bring joy, comfort and beauty to countless people's lives via fresh fabulous bouquets of floral excellence.

A Fall Floral Trend Debunked

Who does not love a great florist Facebook group? It is a great place to learn about new techniques, color trends, and the latest and greatest. However, sometimes things might slip through the cracks that just don't seem right. There was that time when flowers in hat boxes were all the rage, but this particular photo of a new bouquet trend did not quite fit the glamour that flowers in hat boxes expressed. 

Details Flowers & Petal It Forward

What an exciting morning at the Details Flowers office! With smiles donning our faces, we quickly wrapped up beautiful bouquets to give and share for SAF's Petal It Forward. We'll tell you, there is no better way to start the morning than feeling the anticipation and excitement of bringing a gift of happiness to a friend, colleague, or even a complete stranger! This is one gift that has the power to turn a frown into a smile. We could not wait to get there, but first, bouquet making! 

How to Maximize Your Earnings with Details Flowers

Cost of flowers + hard goods x labor = hopefully you calculated it all correctly so you will maximize your earnings! If we know the floral community, we can safely say you did not get into creating beautiful designs to do hours of math. So, why are you still?  While these methods have proved to be efficient in the past, that no longer rings true. Welcome to the age of Details Flowers Software. 

Details Flowers Software will save you time, and give you the power to put that calculator away! Not only will your flower contracts look beautiful, but your client will be signing off on a price that will reflect the earnings that you deserve. Continue reading to see what areas will get you the most money back into your pocket.