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Always Blooming with Vivid Expressions

Always Blooming is how we sometimes sign our emails, an expression of what we do or how we are feeling.  Currently we are interviewing some of the most fascinating and creative people in the floral industry which allows us to enter into a world of creative hearts. An honor for us and a special place to be! These are people in business who create events and designs which move people into another world that is designed just for them! They are business owners that are full of heart, creativity and care. One of our questions is always how you came up with your business many wonderful stories...and some people just seem to live their names.  So we can’t wait for you to meet Janel Baily-Keene from Vivid Expressions!

The Benefits of Automating Your Payment Process

Do you accept credit cards?  Nowadays, it's a pretty normal occurence.  For many florists, it's a necessary everyday need that our clients demand.  For many years, I accepted credit cards without passing along an added fee-- but quickly came to the conclusion that I'd lost a great deal of money to these percentages while only helping my brides add airline miles.  No way!  That's why we've decided to pass along these fees as an expense to the client in the form of Administration Fees that are easy to implement.

Rules with Contracts and E-Signatures?

Having a solid contract in place is a very important aspect to being a successful event florist.  We found that when we had a contract that promoted our professionalism with a great layout, colorful imagery, and great descriptions, our booking percentages increased.  The client always feels more secure knowing that they've hired a professional, and we've felt secure knowing that we had a legal document securing our business.  

But how do you know when a contract is properly in place and that the terms are agreed upon.  Well, the signature is the most common way to indicate that a client has read and agreed to the item and event details. Even if one's signature is so unique and stylized as to be virtually illegible, it's always important to obtain a signature.  But what about e-signature?  As we enhance our features, this has been a "hot topic" and desired feature for busy floral artists.  As our contracts continue to develop it is important to move into paperless electronic formats.  The criteria for what constitutes a signed agreement and "signature" has been substantially broadened.

New Feature: Official documents with E-signature

We are very excited to announce that you can now send contracts easier than ever and receive e-signed proposals in a click.  Customers can view & accept your professionally designed proposals, and officially sign the documents.  With our invoicing feature- your clients will be automatically directed to the payment page once the document is e-signed.

August Contest: Details Connects You!

Do you do great work?!  Share your best work from 2017 so far and win 3 months of Details Flowers Software!!  We will feature your design to our membership along with all the wonderful flowers that you incorporated.   The winner will be announced on Facebook Live on Wednesday August 30th-- along with some other fun prizes!!  

Dear Wholesalers: A Florist's Wish List

As florists, we depend on wholesalers to provide the blooms we use to create our beautiful floral displays. We love the stunning blooms you provide, but inconvenient ordering and collection procedures can leave us frustrated. Here are a few things you can do as a wholesaler to make florists fall in love with your business.