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"Field to Vase"  with  American Grown Flowers

Details Flowers Software was so excited to hear that FernTrust Farms (American Grown Flowers) which is virtually in our own backyard, was having a Field to Vase Dinner Tour event, happening soon! Unfortunately It was announced during Hurricane Irma here in Florida!! YIKES!  But you know sometimes you just have to weather-the-storm  to show support for someone!  So we quickly scooped up two tickets to attend the event...have you ever felt like you just weren't meant to do something - well after checking the calendar we realized that Corrine had a wedding on the very same day as the Field to Vase Dinner!! (can you imagine that? lol)  Thank goodness for wonderful people and especially Sally Kobylinski of In Bloom Florist, she kindly filled our need to sit in for us at the table, with one request, please take pictures and be ready to share with us all that you experienced.  So sit back and enjoy while we find out how the delightful evening went with Sally and her friend enjoying the Field to Vase Dinner Tour at the American Grown Flowers Farm!

The 5 C's of Arizona  Copper, Cotton, Citrus, Cattle, Climate

I first met Cheryl Denham, owner of Arizona Family Florist, at the Society of American Florists event in Maui in 2016.  I was immediately struck by her friendly, outgoing personality and her playful nature. We had a lot of fun.  It was nice to see her 5 months later at the SAF Congressional Action Days in D.C. while presenting to their Retail Councils, of which she sits on the board.  It's always nice to see a familiar face, and Cheryl was both friendly and complimentary.  It was after this meeting in D.C. that she and her team began implementing Details Flowers Software into their business in Phoenix, Arizona.    Getting to know Cheryl and her team has been a treat, and after talking with their team, I realized that their flower company was unlike a lot of event design firms that we work with.  Not only do they create outstanding events, but they also have a successful traditional retail house and a wholesale marketplace open to the public.  

As we continue to grow our network, we are fond of those florists that have embraced and encouraged their flower friends to utilize our software.   We were excited to sit down with Cheryl Denham and the wonderful team at Arizona Family Florists to learn more about what they do and how they do it! 


Extraordinarily Orlando's Wholesale Florist

As an event designing company for over 15 years in the Central Florida area we have been supplied with blooms and greenery for many years by our wholesalers here in Florida from Jacksonville to Miami, they have always provided great service and product! But when we learned about the NEW company - Orlando Wholesaler Florist - we discovered a wholesaler who was ready to make things happen - we couldn't wait to try them out!  Hence we have been a believer and a client of Orlando Wholesaler Florist since.  Wait till you meet Tracy Collins who has been instrumental in the endeavors of an entrepreneur by creating a brilliant work force and commitment to provide some of the very best blooms and greenery but the best blooming is with customer service, they don't like the word NO! We love that and Tracy, you will too!

Historically Speaking!

In January of 2015, friends Tracy Collins & John Kobylinski got together and started discussing problems in the industry.  With Tracy's background in wholesale, and John's knowledge in retail, Orlando Wholesale Florist was born.  With only three customers between them, a 400-square feet of cooler and a pick-up truck for deliveries, they have since grown to a location that houses 8,400 square feet of space with 1,600 square feet of coolers, 7 vans, 16 employees!  They are now servicing over 400 customers.  Yes, that was January 2015!!  How do you spell success - Orlando Wholesale!

We got together with Tracy to learn some of the things that makes Orlando Wholesale tick!  Here's a peak inside of this young, innovative and fresh Wholesale House located downtown Orlando in Central Florida-- servicing some of the most widely known brands in the floral industry with beautiful blooms each week!


Are You In Gear for the New Year?

We introduced you to one of our "featured florists" back in September!  She's quite an inspiration, so much so that we felt inclined to share more, mechanically speaking, with you about her flair for the floral industry.  We are talking about Elizabeth Fisher of Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe.  She's truly kicking it into gear in Texas and hopes to share her knowledge and spotlight with other floral industry leaders such as: Corrine Heck of Details Flowers, Sarah Kee of Keestone Events, Allen Tsai, Photographer and Raquel Lovern Harris of R. Love Floral.  

Fisher says that they will be giving you as much as you are willing to learn.  Hoping that you leave with a wealth of information from enhancing previous floral knowledge to learning new techniques, new designs and an increased confidence in building on one's own designs.  "We want you to be able to take your dreams and make them reality!"

Check out Sweet Honey Workshops, an intensive two-day learning experience taking place in Frisco, Texas, January 7th through the 9th, 2018.  Book now as space is filling up quickly!

Wedding day Sniffles - Calling all Florists!

What would you do on your wedding day if you got the sniffles? Oh the horror! The worst part is that the popular flower arrangements you created are causing your allergies to act up! All the time and planning with florists or event designers for the big day could not prepare the bride for this. Here are some details about what to consider and how to avoid sniffles on your wedding day: