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4 Tips for Attracting & Keeping the Best Floral Talent

This day and age, finding the perfect employee can prove to be a challenge. The process requires time and effort if you want to keep your floral company blooming. Attracting and retaining a talented floral staff is key for creating a thriving floral business and avoiding the high cost of employee turnover. As floral designers, we blossom in creative environments, so ensuring the right balance of innovation and structured systems will help create a productive and satisfying environment for employees. Are you looking to create your own unique culture that attracts A-list talent? Follow these 4 tips: 

Lizzie Bee's Event Florist - There's a lot growing on!

Taking a moment in Texas this morning with the down to earth and spectacular Elizabeth Blanford of Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe and Mechanical Florals!  What...Mechanical Florals? What is Mechanical Floral...just keep reading! What a delightful time with phones ringing, children talking, clients chatting, and flowers blooming.  So is Lizzie and she's got lots growing on...

Find Your Happiness with Details Flowers

Happiness comes in a lot of forms. From landing your first big event, to finally having more time to do what you love, here at Details Flowers Software, it is not only our mission to help you find your joy, but to share it as well. Take a look at some of our current subscriber's testimonials, and see how Details Flowers might help you find your happiness.

Color Story: Visuals Are Key To Captivating Clients


Owning a flower design studio has it's unique set of challenges. Knowing how to price arrangements, hiring staff, and writing contracts are a few of the key business components necessary. Investing in business systems to help make your job easier are also key.  But there are some unique processes that can't be bought.  It requires an artistic mind: choosing Colors & Flowers. Yes, picking the right color combinations and floral combinations will quickly set aside those with a desire for floral design, and those that will be successful at selling their design concepts. Developing a color story and demonstrating beautiful colors that work harmoniously together is a talent in itself and will quickly seperate the designers from the wanna-be-designer's.  

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New Feature: U.K. Florists Are you Ready to Bloom?

It's official! We heard your request and we are proud to announce that the British Pound has been added to Details Flowers Software to help all of our florists requests in the United Kingdom! 

You've been working 'round the clock building your client base, designing beautiful arrangements, and ensuring that each event is a success, but wouldn't it be great if you had an extra hand in the back office? You've probably scoured the internet for assistance, but no other professional event florist software seemed to do what you need.... until today!  Well, Details Flowers Software is here to answer those requests and help you further grow your business.

New features are always being added and this new feature allows our Florist Friends from across the ocean to see the real benefits that Details Flowers Software has to offer.  Better yet, you can give it a try for FREE! 

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How to Hurricane Proof Your Floral Business

It’s every bride’s biggest fear and every florist’s biggest headache: a Hurricane forecasted to hit on the big day.  As Hurricane Irma threatens Florida weddings across the state are in limbo with many being postponed altogether. Being prepared for a best case and worst scenario is key for keeping your clients calm so you can better manage your floral business.