Tips & Tricks in Review: October 2020

Every week we send out an email to existing clients with helpful tips and tricks for using Details Flowers Software. The Support Team looks at trending questions each month and works to identify ways we can help to spread knowledge to everyone using the platform. Make sure you're subscribed to the Education & Support messages from Details to get these helpful emails! 

Here's a recap of what we covered in October in the Tips & Tricks series!

Proposals Without Pricing

Need to send a proposal to a client without getting into a discussion about pricing just yet? There's an easy way to control exactly which numbers are displayed on the proposal and which ones are hidden!

Untitled design-Jul-24-2020-08-59-58-66-PM-proposal

Check out this Support Center article for full instructions: Creating a Proposal Without Pricing

Same Client, New Event

In Details, you're able to add as many events to the same client as you need! This is all done from the client record, which can be found by clicking on the client name from the Event List!

Check out this Support Center article for more information: Click Here

Duplicating Events

As a Details Flowers member, you have the ability to turn past events, trends, packages, and more into a Worksheet Template that you can use again and again!

Templates can include: 

  • Specific Category Groups (line items). 
  • Color Palettes 
  • Varying taxes (great if you travel often).
  • Recipes
  • Quantities and prices (49)

Just think of the time you will save by simply loading and reusing any of the preset items listed above! Intrigued? Check out this Support Center article to learn more: Duplicating Events with Worksheet Templates

Managing Inventory

Need a tool to keep track of inventory and where it's stored? Use Details to log and manage all of your rentals! Inventory can be logged for each item and then, when you use it, Details will let you know how many you have and what you need for each event!

Check out this Support Center article for instructions: Adding & Editing Items

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