5 Eerie-sistable Halloween Floral Designs & Arrangements

by Details Flowers ● 27 October ● Just For Fun

Some may see Halloween as a gloomy and pessimistic holiday, but here in the floral design industry, there are many florists that see Halloween as the perfect opportunity to take a darker, more dramatic theme and create something truly beautiful out of it. That’s why we decided to feature five amazing floral artists who are taking “‘Til Death Do Us Part” to the next level!

1. Royal in Red


Starting off the list is this wickedly royal table set up by Sweet Stems Florist out of Murrieta, California. Notice how the bright, blood red color of those velvety chairs pop in the autumnal, muted, dry background of the woods. With the florals complimenting the color of the chairs along with fall touches such as apples, berries, and candles; this looks like it could be a place Dracula would meet fellow vampires (at night, of course.) It’s absolutely fang-tastic!



2. Autumn with a Twist



This next boo-tiful floral event design is by the talented Petal Productions from Miami, Florida. This design has an autumnal nude palette contrasted with pops of black, giving it a dark, Halloween-like twist - proving it’s all in the details with their intricate neutral flower arrangements and amazingly large balloon garland. This is a great color story for anyone who loves Halloween, but doesn’t want to overdo it with too many haunting details. Looks like the perfect place to celebrate the season with your ghoulfriends!


The team over at Petal Productions were kind enough to share their Details Recipe PDFs of the centerpiece design as well as the designs for the flowers around the balloon garland. The Recipe PDF is a great way to get your team organized and informed with all of the designs and ingredients needed!



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3. A Dark Romance




If you’ve got it, haunt it - and the team over at In Bloom Florist hailing from Orlando, Florida definitely have it! Between the muted floral color palette, the black decor choices, and the tiny bits of gold highlights, this design would make anyone feel like they’ve entered a moody yet romantic haunted house - all that is missing are the ghosts! Even though it’s dark and spooky, there are still elements in these designs that make anyone feel cozy and surrounded by beauty. A theme to strive for if you’re looking to be the ghost-ess with the mostest


4. Secret Garden



Prema Designs from Columbus, Ohio are creepin’ it real with this dark and mysterious event design adorned with massive amounts of moody flower arrangements. The addition of candles along the arrangements is reminiscent of walking through a dimly lit forbidden garden at midnight. Most of the colors in the room come from the select few bright blooms mixed in with dark greenery and flowers varying in different shades of red and pink. Once again, the mystery of it all and the large influence of the beauty of nature make it such a cozy design, the perfect place to eat, drink, and be scary!


5. Everlasting Love




Our final, most frightful florist feature is from Tailored Twig out of Tampa, Florida. They had the chance to be a part of an All Hallows Eve creative shoot for a couple “whose love will last for all eternity.” Everything from the makeup to the unusual elements used in the headpieces and bouquet showcases the team over at Tailored Twig were dying to have fun. They decided to go for a foraged, textural bouquet look featuring spanish moss, long and slender branches, deep burgundy kangaroo paw, and sharp spiky green and white thistle - with an added skull to top it off, of course! The result turned out to be absolutely killer!

Check out this amazing video of the styled shoot:





We hope these featured florists’ eerie-sistable designs lifted your spirits and gave you some inspiration to pick up some Halloween style events and think outside the box with your designs. Have a creep-tastic Halloween and remember to give ‘em pumpkin to talk about!

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