Tips & Tricks in Review: September 2020

Every week we send out an email to existing clients with helpful tips and tricks for using Details Flowers Software. The Support Team looks at trending questions each month and works to identify ways we can help to spread knowledge to everyone using the platform. Make sure you're subscribed to the Education & Support messages from Details to get these helpful emails! 

Here's a recap of what we covered in September in the Tips & Tricks series!

Canceling an Invoice

We understand there may be an occasion where a client cancels an event and you've already sent them an invoice. It's certainly frustrating, but it can happen and it can cost money to provide refunds. Check out this Support Center article for full instructions for canceling an invoice you've issued: Support Center Article

Downloading & Printing Proposals

Meeting a client somewhere under a rock where there's no internet? There are a couple quick and easy ways to download and print hard copies of your proposals!

Open the proposal to the client-facing view and then (if you're using the correct browser - Google Chrome) you'll see the following buttons to download and/or print your proposal!👇

Check out this Support Center article for more information: Click Here

Generating Custom Reports

One of our newest features allows Details users to generate custom reports directly from the Event List!

Check out this video for a breakdown 🎥

Check out this Support Center article for more information: Click Here

Managing User Settings

Within your Details account are options to manage your personal settings and customize your experience! You can access these settings under the profile menu in the top-right of any page of Details!


Check out this Support Center article for a full breakdown of the settings: Click Here

Categorizing & Taxing Line Items

Categorizing your items correctly is key to charging correctly and staying organized. The line items in the worksheet have a column dedicated to assigning the charges to the correct subtotals, which is very important for making sure they are taxed correctly!


The categories also determine where a line item is calculated into your various subtotals - very important!

Check out this Support Center article for more info: Click Here

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