Feast Your Eyes on These 5 Striking Thanksgiving Floral Centerpieces

by Details Flowers ● 16 November ● Just For Fun

We’re excited that Thanksgiving is almost here even though, as we all know, it will be quite a bit different this year. For many of us, this year’s Thanksgiving will be a lot smaller and more intimate than usual, but it doesn’t mean that the messages of the holiday - such as taking the time to spend a day with family and feeling thankful for what we have - needs to be any less significant.

Whether you’re planning on spending time at home with the immediate family this Thanksgiving or you’re still planning a small get-together, there’s no reason to skip out on the table decorations! That’s why we wanted to feature these five beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces some of our favorite florists designed this year.

1. Ella & Louie Flowers


This centerpiece by Ella & Louie Flowers, based in Santa Barbara, California gives us all of the soft, delicate feels of autumn - with a modern twist. We love how the rich pops of burnt orange gives warmth and life to the rest of the neutral tones. So cozy! They are offering this centerpiece in three different packages with three different color combinations so their customers have a variety of options to choose from!


2. Wild North Flowers


Hello, gourd-geous! This unique autumnal flower arrangement is from Wild North Flowers all the way up in Toronto, Canada. Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving a little earlier in the year (the second Monday of October) and it is celebrated similarly to the way we celebrate it here in America!

They named this featured arrangement “Pearl Driver,” and we are enamored with everything about it - from the shape, to the textures, and the clash of the cool and warm colors. This would make any Thanksgiving table absolutely light up.




3. Vella Nest Floral Design


We spotted another soft, delicate Thanksgiving centerpiece beauty designed by Vella Nest Floral Design, located in Cedar Hill, Texas. Even with the muted flowers and small pops of autumn colored foliage, this arrangement is designed to warm up your festive feast. We are loving the soft and muted trends we’re seeing a lot of for this year’s Thanksgiving arrangements, but especially how this one still makes this trend feel like a classic.


4. Lilium Floral Design


This arrangement by Lilium Floral Design from Colleyville, Texas proves sticking with all the classic colors and textures of fall for Thanksgiving is always a great choice! We just want to curl up in the warmth of this centerpiece. Featuring autumn leaves and tree branches to garden roses, this arrangement is sure to be the center of attention for those at the dinner table.


5. Florist Fire


This Thanksgiving centerpiece design by Florist Fire out of Tampa, Florida has everything! Bright and bold fall colors mixed with soft neutrals, lots of different textures, and a fun shape. This arrangement will not only look beautiful on the dinner table, but would definitely act as a conversation starter as well. The pops of deep burgundy from the peace lilies reminds us not to forget the cranberry sauce this year!



We hope you enjoyed feasting your eyes on these whimsical Thanksgiving centerpieces. There are truly some incredibly talented floral artists out there. All of us here at Details are wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Safely surround yourself with your favorite things in life, flowers, friends, and family!

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