Tips & Tricks in Review: November 2020

Every week we send out an email to existing clients with helpful tips and tricks for using Details Flowers Software. The Support Team looks at trending questions each month and works to identify ways we can help to spread knowledge to everyone using the platform. Make sure you're subscribed to the Education & Support messages from Details to get these helpful emails! 

Here's a recap of what we covered in November in the Tips & Tricks series!

Event List Settings

In Details, your home page is the Event List, and you can customize it to suit your needs! To get started, click the 'Settings' button in the top-right corner of the Event List. You'll see a window open displaying all of the Event List settings - customize them to make it your own!

Check out this Support Center article for full instructions: Using the Event List

Securing Payments

Recently, we introduced a new way to secure your invoicing payments with something called 3D Secure. Payments that have been successfully authenticated using 3D Secure are covered by a liability shift. 

That means that if a client verifies a payment to you, they cannot dispute it!

Check out this Support Center article for more information: Details Invoicing: 3D Secure

Themed Collections

Collections in Details is a powerful organizational tool, and it's a great way to plan ahead and quickly access grouped items. With the holidays upon us, we looked at how you might make a themed collection in your Item Gallery!

Check out this Support Center article for more information about creating collections: Managing Collections in the Item Gallery

Enjoying the Holidays!

The last Tips & Tricks message for November came the day before Thanksgiving, and we're offering some helpful tips for how to relax and enjoy the holidays:

  • Keep Your Routine: It can be tempting to set your healthy habits aside for the holiday season, but you'll enjoy the season more if you're at 100%!
  • Plan Ahead: Make plans so you can always be present and not find yourself overwhelmed by the unexpected!
  • Stay Connected: This year, more than ever, it may be difficult to see family members or find ways to be together. But staying connected isn't always about being together in the same room - find ways to connect with your loved ones and make them feel connected to you. Maybe some nice flowers would do the trick?
  • Moderation: This is a common theme that comes up during the Holidays, usually in relation to food and drink, but we think it's a general tip for everything - don't spread yourself too thin trying to make everyone happy or by being everywhere at once!


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