6 Unique & Stylish Christmas Wreath Designs

by Details Flowers ● 14 December ● Just For Fun

The holidays are officially here, which means the festive floral designs made to cozy up every holiday themed event or home have arrived as well! Wreaths are no doubt a major staple in holiday decorations, dating all the way back to the 16th century. The circular shape symbolizes eternal life, faith, and a warm welcome when placed on the front door.

Floral designers are not unlike Santa’s elves during this time of year, as their creations are what truly bring the beautiful look and aroma of the holidays to homes and get-togethers of the world. Many florists create their own signature holiday wreaths in a variety of styles, so we wanted to feature a few of our favorites we’ve found. Let’s get started!


1. Mountain Flowers of Aspen


We’re starting off our list with this stunning, natural wreath by Mountain Flowers of Aspen, out of Aspen Colorado. It may not be your average traditional holiday wreath, but it reminds us of all the most beautiful things about nature this time of year. From the hints of pine to dried leaves, berries, and the most unique addition of succulents - this wreath is a gorgeous display of the textures of winter and all its beauty! This design would fit perfectly in any home or event with a rustic winter wonderland theme.


2. Naomi Rose Floral Design


Soft. Delicate. Winter. Just some of the words that come to mind when looking at this wonderful wintery wreath designed by Naomi Rose Design from Australia! This wreath is not only a bohemian beauty but requires no water and will last forever as it’s made from premium dried and preserved produce - all tied up with a bow! One very lucky winner in the Melbourne area won this wreath in a giveaway they hosted last month.




3. greenSinner


Anyone familiar with Christmas knows the story of The Christmas Carol. This amazing holiday wreath designed by greenSinner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of their Christmas Carol Collection - with each wreath being styled and named after a character in the story; Ebenezer, Belle, Fred, and Marley. We love it!

Pictured above is Marley, who is notoriously ghostly blue and silvery, featuring a Money plant - which is no "coin"cidence! It’s absolutely gorgeous, as are the other character wreaths in the collection. As their website says, this wreath will provide any space with “17 inches of ghostly delight.”


4. Flowers by Kendra


The most traditional form of winter wreath is one of greenery only, similar to this one we fell in love with designed by Flowers by Kendra out of Vista, California. The tradition of the wreath was born in the 16th century among northern and eastern Europeans when people started putting evergreen trees in their homes for Christmas. While trimming their trees, they didn’t want to waste the pieces that were trimmed off so they wove the excess into wreaths!

This wreath not only includes the traditional evergreen as a base, but Kendra incorporated other types of greenery as well to give it a frosty, winter-woods look. The position and flow of the eucalyptus gives the traditional circular shape of this wreath texture and character. It’s tradition...with a twist!


5. Simply Flowers


This minimalist holiday wreath designed by Simply Flowers out of Fresno, California was created for those who “must have flowers always, always.” Those three gorgeous roses are all the wreath needs as a focal point to catch your eye and fall in love with the simplicity and movement of the greenery and berries. Using only a few ingredients, this wreath still feels full and warm, yet super stylish for the holiday season.



6. Kathryn Anne Weddings


This lovely luscious Christmas wreath created by Kathryn Anne Weddings from Oxford, Alabama, sings holiday cheer! We absolutely love how this wreath goes from the bare base to the top corner being overstuffed with gorgeous greenery in all sizes and textures. The sprinkles of berries tops off the Christmas look, making it a red and green wonder! Kathryn gave one of these away and two table arrangements recently to some lucky winners.



We hope these unique wreath designs filled your heart with inspiration and holiday spirit! Even though most of us won’t be experiencing our traditional holiday celebrations this year, we can still count on those who adorn their spaces with cozy and natural holiday arrangements.

We’d like to thank all of the floral designers out there working until their hands hurt to help make this time of year the most beautiful!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from all of us here at Details Flowers Software.

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